Nutaku Prepares 2 New Games, Heavy Metal Babes and War of Venus

Nutaku has just announced that there will be 2 new games from them. The two games from Nutaku are titled Heavy Metal Babes and War of Venus. What are the two new games from Nutaku like? Let’s take a look at the report.

Two New Games from Nutaku

These two newest games from Nutaku, of course, have an age genre and an adult feel, these games are Heavy Metal Babes and War of Venus. War of Venus has been released exclusively on Nutaku and can already be enjoyed by the players. Whereas, Heavy Metal Babes is scheduled to be released in May.

Heavy Metal Babes, Futuristic Themed Adult RPG Game

nutaku game heavy metal babes war of venus

On official page Nutaku, Heavy Metal Babes is an RPG game with RPG game mechanics in general. This game takes a futuristic time, where the world has been dominated by android with the nickname XEN Units.

Tells an adventure where Earth loses contact with its colony planet, the planet X-69. Accompanied by girls android beautiful and sexy, players must fight to repel the invaders of the planet.

Like other games in general, this game is of course complete with quite a lot of “naughty” scenes for each character. There are 21 playable characters that players can get in the game, and there are 140 more H-scenes ready to tempt the players.

In addition, players can also interact with these characters and make them fall in love with the player. There are also 40 “naughty” animations that players can also get during the game.

Players can also play online and challenge other players in the world. Heavy Metal Babes will be released exclusively globally on May 11 later on the Nutaku website.

War of Venus, Games Card Collection Nutaku’s Game

nutaku game heavy metal babes war of venus

War of Venus is also a game released by Nutaku which can now be enjoyed by all players through the official website. Same as Heavy Metal Babes, War of Venus is an RPG game where players will be accompanied by sexy girls. However, what makes the difference here is that this game is themed Card Collection Games (CCG).

Tells the struggle of players who are assigned to protect the land containing the game’s fantasy girls from evil enemies. Players must create an army of sexy and tough characters in this strategy game.

nutaku game heavy metal babes war of venus

There are more than 400 challenges that are ready to await the players, as well as more than 100 characters that players can get. It’s also incomplete if this one game doesn’t have naughty scenes in each of its characters. This game is also idle game, so that players can AFK (Away From Keyboard) and get many other benefits in the game.

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