Novuz Apk FF, Free Fire Auto Booyah Cheat Application!

Currently there is a hot discussion among FF gamers regarding the latest cheat application called Novuz Apk FF. The reason for the interest of FF gamers with this application is due to the premium features available in it and the various conveniences in using it, so that it is easier for gamers to dominate battles and achieve booyah.

If you have been playing FF for a long time, of course it is no longer new information for you, if you get booyah in Free Fire, it is not an easy thing. In addition to having to master qualified battle skills, the FF characters that gamers play must also be equipped with various premium items that further strengthen them.

The problem is, premium items require a lot of diamonds to buy them. Because it is difficult to have a lot of diamonds, many gamers are taking short and free methods, including using cheat applications that are popping up a lot today. Well, one of those applications is Novuz Apk FF.

What is Novuz Apk FF?

Novuz Apk FF

Before discussing further about the advantages of the application, of course it is important to know what is meant by Novuz Apk FF itself.

Please note that this application is a third-party application, not an official application from Garena as the developer of the Free Fire game.

This application combines various cheat features in one file, so you only need to download various files and the features in them. Well, these features are premium features that should only be owned by buying them.

But by using this cheat application, you don’t need to spend any diamonds to get it. Of course, by using this application, my friend is getting easier to reach booyah.

The Advantages of the Novuz Apk FF Application

This Novuz Apk FF has many advantages that you will feel when you use it. These advantages are as follows:


In order for the enemy to be defeated quickly, you need the ability to shoot directly at the head so that you can immediately kill the enemy or termed a headshot. Well, by using this application, my friend can do this easily.


This feature allows you to kill enemies from a distance, in a situation where other gamers think that you kill them at close range. Of course this is very profitable, because you don’t have to get close to overthrowing the enemy.

Auto Aim

The advantage of this feature is that it makes you able to kill enemies without having to strategize first. Even though the enemy is hiding behind a wall or building in a fairly long distance, you can penetrate the defense by using this feature.

Esp Health

When you are hit by enemy fire, the blood and health of the game character you are playing will decrease slowly and eventually die. Well, by using this feature, my friend can restore health quickly without having to wait long.


With the presence of this feature, you can directly shoot enemies from close range without giving him the opportunity to shoot your friends first. With this feature, my friend can immediately kill quickly and instantly.

No Recoil

This one feature has an important role to make the shots you do are more focused and not off the mark. That way, my friend can overthrow the enemy one by one with certainty and ease.

Unlimited Bullets

Whatever weapon you use, it certainly has a certain amount that will run out when used. Therefore, my friend must recharge first. But if you use this cheat application, you can get unlimited bullets, so you can shoot freely without bullet restrictions.

High Damage

This one feature allows you to increase the level of damage from the weapons used. By increasing the damage of the weapon, of course, my friend is getting easier to overthrow the enemy.

Auto Headshot

One of the main causes of a gamer being killed while playing Free Fire is being preceded by an enemy shooting. Therefore, by using this feature, you can immediately detect the enemy when it is close to you and automatically the weapon used will aim at the enemy and shoot.

It’s just that this feature is closely related to the type of weapon used. The better the type of weapon used, the better the shot will be and overthrow the enemy easily.

Speed ​​run

With this feature, my friend can move to attack the enemy quickly. That way, gamers can overthrow the enemy in a fast time, while the enemy has difficulty killing you.


With this feature, my friend can direct the shot to the center of the enemy’s body precisely. This feature is very useful when the enemy is in close range. It’s just that, to maximize this feature, the type of weapon you use must be appropriate.


Even if the enemy is hiding behind walls, rocks, cars, and others, you can detect their presence by using this feature. In addition, this feature also allows you to do reconnaissance and watch the enemy from a distance.

How To Install This Cheat Application?

If you gamers want to install this application, you just have to follow the steps that I will mention below. But before that, my friend must download the application first. To download the application, please follow the link below

After downloading the application, you just have to install the application. The steps that you have to do are as follows:

  • First, first extract the cheat application download file above.
  • Next, change the file name in Android Data Free Fire to “com.dts.freefireth1”.
  • Next, you have to uninstall the Free Fire application from your smartphone.
  • Continue by installing the Novuz Apk FF application.
  • Next, change the name of the data that has been changed back to “com.dts.freefireth”.
  • Next, reinstall the Free Fire game.
  • Now you just have to enjoy the cheats provided by the Novus Apk application.

That’s the tutorial on how to install the cheat application above. Just follow the steps already shared. Even though it’s the first time you’re doing it, if you follow the steps above, it’s guaranteed that you won’t have any trouble doing it.

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Is It Safe To Use This Cheat App?

Is it safe to use the Novuz Apk FF application above? This is an important question to answer. As you know, this application is a third-party application which is a modification of the original application.

Since this application is unofficial, it is certainly not safe to use. Therefore, my friend needs to consider as wisely as possible before using the application. Because, it is likely that your account will be banned if caught. In addition, the use of this mod application can cause losses from other parties such as Garena as the developer of Free Fire. Therefore, my friend needs to reconsider wisely before using the application.

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