NOSE, a Game Made by Dark Souls Fans Solo!

Who does not know the game Dark Souls. This game made by FromSoftware developer is very popular among gamers thanks to the difficulty level that can make you angry and furious. There are already many successors serial Souls this, starting from Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1-3 and Bloodborne. A Dark Souls fan made a game Action RPG inspired by his favorite game, entitled NOSE.

What’s the game like? Come on, let’s find out together!

NOSE, Game Inspired by Big Fans Dark Souls

NOSE is a game Action RPG inspired by popular games Dark Souls and made alone by a fan of the game series named rightkamo come from Japan. This game has the same aura as the game series Souls. You can see screenshots given by the creator of the game rightkamo what kind of game NOSE.

The Story Behind the Game Making Process

It turns out that there is a story behind the game made by rightkamo. Via account Twitter his, rightkamo tell a little about his experience. He said that he had previously tried applying to FromSoftware to join and make his favorite game, Dark Souls.

I didn’t manage to get a job at FromSoftware. I didn’t give up easily and made my own Dark Souls game and have spent almost 6 years alone. I hope you all play this game of mine!

Based on tweets the, rightkamo said that he once tried to achieve his dream by applying for a job at FromSoftware. But it didn’t happen because he didn’t get the job. Although a little disappointed, rightkamo not easily give up. And in the end he himself made a game that was inspired by his favorite game, namely Dark Souls.

Games NOSE Now Playable!

For those who are curious and want to try the game NOSE, you can get it game NOSE here! And this game will still beupdates by the maker rightkamo. So, we can see the game development of a big fan of the series Souls who is trying to achieve one of his dreams.

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