Nintendo Switch Lite!, the "cheap" version of the Nintendo Switch!

After the rumors about the release of a new Nintendo Switch version that were discussed in Nawala Karsa, this has become a reality. Today, Nintendo released a “first look” video of their newest product, the Nintendo Switch Lite. As the name suggests, it is “Lite”, which means a low-key version of the main Nintendo Switch. This product offers 3 colors, namely Yellow, Gray, and Turquoise.

There are several things you should pay attention to about this console, both in terms of differences with the main product, namely the Nintendo Switch or in terms of the Nintendo Switch game itself.

1. No Joy-Con

A different controller with Nintendo Switch

The controller on the Nintendo Switch Lite is slightly different from the main Nintendo Switch product, namely there is no Joy-Con, so this controller is integrated directly with this portable console. Directional Pad was changed to + Control Pad. Since this is a Lite version, this controller does not have Vibrate and IR Motion Camera features.

2. Can’t be connected with TV

Nintendo Switch Lite can't connect to TV

You can’t connect Nintendo Switch Lite to a TV like the Nintendo Switch mode which is usually called “Dock Mode”, it can be concluded that this product carries the concept of a truly portable / handheld device.

3. Unchanging online features

You can still play with a regular Nintendo Switch

The video shows you can still play with regular Nintendo Switch users, so nothing has changed in the online features section. With this Nintendo Switch Lite users and Nintendo Switch users can still do mabar activities.

4. Smaller size

Smaller size than nintendo switch

It can be seen in the size comparison listed on the Nintendo website, this size is smaller than the usual Nintendo Switch. By reducing the size of this console, this means a smaller screen and a more compact shape.

5. Worth around 19,980 Yen

Pretty attractive price

This portable console is priced at 19,980 yen in Japan. When converted to rupiah, the Nintendo Switch may be valued at around 2 million – 2.5 million. This price is certainly an attractive price when compared to the Nintendo Switch, which is currently valued at 3-4 million in Indonesia.

This product will be released on September 20, 2021, there are still about 2 months for you to save. For more information you can see here.

Nintendo UK Website

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