Nintendo Switch Can Now Install Android OS! Newsletter of Indonesian Karsa

Nintendo Switch is indeed a very unique and interesting console. In addition to its concept of combining portability with home console, Switch is also one of the favorite toys for developers because hardware Nvidia Tegra which is hardware the core of the Nvidia Shield android tablet so many programs home brew where users can play more than just Nintendo Switch.

They can play games such as Play Station 1, Sega Genesis, Game Cube, Nintendo Wii, and many more using emulators. Recently, a developer group called Switchroot released an unofficial ROM to the public through the forum XDA . The ROM is named LinageOS 15.1

Switchroot has been working on the Android OS for the Switch for some time. This OS is a modification of LineageOS 15.1 which is based on the Nvidia Shield tablet device which is also based on Android 8.1

It may sound complicated, but not for users who already use the Hekate bootloader on their Switch consoles. The installation method is to save system image to the SD card, download the appropriate Gapps package, then flash via TWRP, then reboot the console.

Cinebench on Switch

Switch is not a console designed to run any OS other than the default one. Therefore, the Android 8.1 Oreo-based ROM is arguably very impressive. Proven to work well in fashion handheld nor docked, then the audio and joycon also work perfectly.

Given that the Switch uses Nvidia Tegra, this OS adds a function to turn on the shield that allows the Switch to become an Nvidia Shield TV complete with Nvidia Gamestream support and a number of Shield exclusive games. Of course this OS is not perfect so there are still bugs such as unstable WiFi and can’t rotate the screen like Android devices in general, batteries run out quickly, some applications can’t be navigated with joycon, touch screen sometimes detects touch even when finger distance from screen is only 3cm, screenshots does not work.

Modifying the console does sound fun, but be careful because modifying it carelessly can damage the console.

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