Nintendo President Wants to Make More Smartphones Game Game

GAMING – Game company Nintendo is in its prime thanks to one of their newest consoles, the Nintendo Switch. With their exclusive games, it’s no wonder that the company where the game mascot character Mario was born is still surviving in the competitive game industry to this day.

There are tons of Nintendo Switch games that are very popular and loved by gamers. Starting from Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and of course the game that was just released last December, Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Mario is one of Nintendo's most famous mascots in the gaming world.
Mario returns to action in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Source: Imgur)

A few days ago, one of the Japanese news sites, namely Nikkei interviewed the 6th president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa. He is the successor to the president after the previous president Tatsumi Kimishima stepped down.

In the interview, Furukawa gave some comments about the risks in the gaming industry, his approach to leading the company, fluctuations in business performance and his interest in gaming smartphones.

Risks in the Game Industry

Shuntaro Furukawa replaces Tatsumi Kimishima
Shuntaro Furukawa, 6th Nintendo President

According to Furukawa, in the world of the game industry, there is always something called “risk”. He and the rest of the development staff didn’t want to think too much about “what to do if it failed?”. As president, Furukawa tried his best to provide facilities for the game developer staff. That way, they can work optimally and give good results.


Freedom and Discipline Must Be Balanced

Even though it sounds like Furukawa seems like a hands off, in fact she is very active and willing to give her time to establish communication with them. Furukawa often shares ideas with staff developers in various ways for the betterment of the company. For Furukawa, a balance between freedom and discipline was necessary.

Shadowed by the Past

Shuntaro Furukawa focused on Nintendo's future
For him a balance between freedom and discipline is necessary (Source: Giantbomb)

Furukawa said that the Nintendo Switch is one of the results of the development of a game console with the experience of flexibility. Nintendo wants to provide a unique experience following the passage of time and current technological developments. Although it will be overshadowed by Nintendo’s success in the past and the dilemma of their innovation to the game console.

Want to Make More Smartphones Games

In one of those interviews, Furukawa said that he wanted to make more games for smartphones. According to him, gaming smartphones have great potential in a sustainable business. In addition, Furukawa is also interested in creating an amusement park and a movie containing the Nintendo mascot.

One of the games for smartphones from Nintendo
You can play Super Mario Run on smartphones Android and iOS (Source: Media Wired)

This interview with Shuntaro Furukawa from the Nikkei site shows us how he led the Nintendo game company under his leadership. Furukawa’s response to smartphone games was not wrong. Considering that smartphone games are very tempting for the gaming industry.

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