Nintendo Claims Copyright Against TikTok Artist Named Pokeprincxss

Copyright to a property must be considered carefully so that there are no legal cases. That’s what happens to an artist TikTok from abroad named Pokeprincxss, where he was exposed to demands from a familiar game company, namely Nintendo.

What really happened? Come on, let’s find out together!

Nintendo Claims Copyright Against TikTok Artist Pokeprincxss

Reported from Archnica, Nintendo just sued a TikTok artist as well as a gamer on Twitch and a Youtuber named Pokeprincxss. The company sued Pokeprincxss for copyright infringement and using trademark Pokemon without permission.

Claims against Pokeprincxss because he sells various merchandise by using Pokemon properties, from clothes to even the names it wears. Nintendo requested that the gamer pay compensation for this incident using their product such as Pokemon on goods merchandise-his.

Accepting Claims and Apologizing

Pokeprincxss who has 1.9 million followers on TikTok, 50 thousand on Twitch and 22 thousand on Youtube realized his mistake and apologized. He promised to follow all procedures to resolve Nintendo’s demands. After the incident, Pokeprincxss change the name to DigitalPrincxss.

He said he had no hatred or grudge against Nintendo after this incident occurred. Pokeprincxss or DigitalPrincxss not going to sue Nintendo and realize his mistake. He just wanted this matter to be over quickly.

Nintendo Reminds Players To Always Check For Nintendo Switch Cases Every 6 Months

Nintendo reminds players to charge their consoles

Talking about Nintendo, some time ago they reminded players of their new console, the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo reminded them of the problems that Nintendo Switch users often experience with battery conditions.

The reason is that most consumers experience damage to their Nintendo Switch console because they forget to charge the console. Nintendo also hopes that with this message, users can be more thorough and diligent in maintaining their Switch console.

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