New Resident Evil 8 Rumors, The Occult Group and Ethan's Return!

Latest rumors Resident Evil 8 again came to the fore. What do you think about the latest rumors? Come on, watch it together. But don’t swallow the info raw, because it’s still a rumor.

Group Occult Similar to Los Illuminados

Sect Resident evil 8

It is rumored that the element occultism will play a big role in Resident Evil 8. It is said that there is an association that worships a creature made of the newest virus. Initially, there were hints that there was something supernatural, but it turned out to be just a hallucination caused by the virus. This element is similar to gathering Los Illuminados in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 8 Will Have New Characters

It is rumored that later in the game Resident Evil 8 players will meet a new character named Emily. He is one of the mountain dwellers in his late 20s. He’s looking for his father. It is rumored that Emily will help Ethan.

Flashlight Be Items Most Important in Game

Resident Evil 8 will be darker

Flashlight is a friend and players will depend on it because the game is quite dark. It is rumored that the flashlight’s battery runs out, but will recharge over time. This is not the first time Capcom has used the element. Resident Evil 2 is a perfect example that a flashlight is your only friend in the dark. It seems, this is a cross between Outlast and Resident Evil.

In outlast, there is an infrared camera mechanism that you can use to see in the dark but the battery power is limited so you have to save on usage because the battery supply is limited.

Return of Ethan, Protagonist Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 8 Rumors Ethan

Ethan had to walk towards the mountains. There are reports that there have been many unexplained losses. Players will start by not carrying any equipment before finally finding the first weapon when playing.

Enemy Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 8 Rumors

The main enemy in Resident Evil 8 are zombies and a pale human figure, dogs, wolves, and enemies resembling Lickers will also appear. Rumor has it that there will be zombies with swords and knives.

Additional Rumors Resident Evil 8

Tweet from account ClaireChaotic about the latest rumors Resident Evil 8 recently appeared. Claire provided new details about the rumors which include:

  • more and more occultism, body horror
  • Enemy big, chain, aggressive
  • Zombies with armor
  • Faster than expected!?

If you look at the rumors above, it seems that Capcom is not kidding, huh. Once again we remind you that this is all still a rumour. So don’t take it for granted.

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