Netmarble Announces Game Seven Knights Time Wanderer on Nintendo Switch

On livestream Nintendo Direct March 27, 2021, Netmarble announced an amazing news. It has been announced a game for Nintendo Switch entitled Seven Knights – Time Wanderer –. This game is a console version of Netmarble’s popular RPG game, Seven Knights.

Seven Knights -Time Wanderer- Heading to Nintendo Switch

Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – is a Turn-Based Real-Time RPG Game with the latest generation display adapted from the mobile version of Seven Knights. This game features a new battle and control system as well as game content that has been adapted to the console platform.

Games in Digital Bentuk

In addition, this game will be packaged in digital form and released globally. You can get the game through the Nintendo eShop in every country. Seven Knights the Switch version will not have a gacha system. That’s because the characters in it can be obtained according to progress the story that each player achieves.

“Since release Seven Knights in Korea in 2021, we were very satisfied to see the development of this game in the field of global popularity. We are very happy to choose this game as the first Nintendo game from Netmarble,” said Young Jae Park, Executive Producer of Netmarble.

“Our team can’t wait to show you what makes Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – It’s so special for new players, that’s why we’re working closely with Nintendo to ensure that our first console game will be fun for Nintendo Switch players to play.”

Game Story Seven Knights – Time Wanderer –

This game focuses the story on the 8th member of the Seven Knights, Vanessa. This character is equipped with Ultimate Magical Equipment, a living hourglass named Sandy.

After falling into the vortex of space and time, he begins his journey to return home safely. In that place, the original characters from Seven Knights the mobile version will join him as a party member in a real-time turn-based adventure focused on combat.

Version original from Seven Knights It has been available in more than 150 countries around the world since its release in March 2021 on App Store and Google Play. This game has achieved a total of more than 60 million downloads worldwide over the last six years.

Seven Knights, a turn-based RPG mobile game, provides the fun of collecting and strengthening over 700 characters with thrilling turn-based battles. For more detailed information about Seven Knights Switch, please visit teaser website and official account Twitter.

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