Netizens Create Parody Sites of Cyberpunk 2077 Announcement Memes

A while ago, the game announcement parody meme Cyberpunk 2077 had gone viral. Now netizens can make a parody of the announcement without having to painstakingly edit it.

Parody Site of Announcement Cyberpunk 2077

A programmer from the United States named Foone who made this parody site. Via account Twitter-announced that he had launched the site generator. The features of this site are netizens can make a parody of announcements Cyberpunk 2077 without having to bother editing using an image editing application.

Foone reasoned behind the creation of the site generator It’s just taking advantage of the situation. This is because lately the meme is quite popular even though in mid-December, the game has been officially released.

On site generator the, netizens simply enter the words you want to add to the announcement. After that, press the button save diskette icon. Automatically the .jpeg format image of the announcement is downloaded to your computer/mobile. You can try to make it here.

Frequently Postponed, Announcement Cyberpunk 2077 Become a Meme

After game Cyberpunk 2077 confirmed to be postponed again for the umpteenth time to December 2021. Nnetizen who have been waiting a long time Cyberpun 2077 released start making memes by wearing templates announcement of the game.

No half-hearted, from netizens normal until the official game account made the meme as a form of satire and disappointment because it was pushed back too often. Like on account Twitter game official PAYDAY 2 that is @PAYDAYGame by uploading an image parodying the announcement of the game’s release delay Cyberpunk 2077.

Hello heisters.

Today we are announcing that you can play Payday 2 now, we also decided to use this yellow background.

Stay alert your helmet doesn’t fly.


Payday twitter man.

With a distinctive yellow background image, it certainly makes netizens immediately sensitive if the account Twitter it satirized the image announcing the game’s release delay Cyberpunk 2077.

Netizens Don’t Miss

do not miss, netizens also competed to create similar memes which were then uploaded to their respective social media accounts. Like on account Twitter below this.

Other than that, netizens others provide templates of the meme so that netizens can be more creative in making memes. He provided a meme image of the announcement of the game’s postponement, as uploaded by the account Twitter @DeanoSauruz below.

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