Mystery Shop FF February 2021 Event

When will the February 2021 FF mystery shop event be held? This question hangs in the minds of FF gamers. Gamers always look forward to this one event because of the many benefits that will be obtained when participating in it.

When FF gamers join this event, you have the opportunity to get various types of premium items at very cheap prices. Indeed, the item is not free, but the discount you get can reach 90%. Moreover, the items purchased are not arbitrary, but only premium items whose normal prices are quite expensive.

If you FF gamers have played this game for a long time, of course you really understand that premium items are needed so that the FF characters you use can be maximized. That way, you can dominate and win the battle.

Mystery Shop FF Event Implementation Time February 2021

Mystery Shop FF February 2021 Event

For those of you who are curious to know when the FF mystery shop event will be held in February 2021, the answer is that until now there is no clear and official information about the time of its implementation. What is clear, it is very likely that the event will be held this month as it has been in previous months.

So friends, gamers can only wait. It takes patience when waiting for something that has not been officially announced when it will be held. While waiting, you can still play your favorite Free Fire game.

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Benefits of Participating in the Free Fire Mystery Shop Event

Gamers always show high enthusiasm during the Free Fire mystery shop event. This is quite reasonable, because there are many benefits that can be obtained when participating in the event. There are at least 2 main advantages that can be obtained, namely:

1.Get Big Discount on Premium Item Purchase

Every premium item in the Free Fire game can only be obtained by removing a fairly large number of diamonds. Well, the presence of the event above is very helpful for all gamers because they can get various items needed at very cheap prices.

Just imagine, the discount given during the event can reach 90%. That is, my friend can save a lot of diamonds when buying premium items needed to improve and maximize the FF character that you play.

2.Get Free Free Fire Elite Pass

The second advantage that you can get when you join the Free Fire mystery shop event is to get an Elite Pass for free. Wow, my friend certainly knows how important the Elite Pass is in this one battle royale survival game.

Normally, you have to spend diamonds to get the Elite Pass. But by following the event above, you can get it for free. Even if you have to pay, of course you will be given a discount or a high discount. Interesting right?

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