More Sophisticated! New iPad Pro Will Use LiDAR Technology!

Wow, it turns out that Apple has just announced a new technology system for their flagship product, the iPad Pro. It is said that the iPad Pro will embed a new technology in the device called LIDAR. What is LIDAR? Instead of being confused, let’s find out together!

New Technology for iPad Pro, LIDAR

Some ordinary people must feel unfamiliar with technology LIDAR this. LIDAR is the abbreviation of Light Distance and Ranging which is a technology for measuring the distance of a device from reflected light or reflected laser light.

Even so, in fact this technology system has been used in the 1960s for aviation. However, this system was only popular for the mapping system sector in the 1980s – now.

The analogy is like we are directing a flashlight at a surface where what happens is what we see, namely the reflection of the flashlight beam into our eyes. But because the speed of light is so high (300,000km/s) that it seems as if this happens instantly.

Use of LIDAR in Other Sectors

In other industries, LIDAR is widely used in the agricultural and geological sectors. Its function is for mapping purposes and accurate distance measurements. One of the advantages of this technology is that we will get mapping results that are fast, accurate and can be monitored closely real time.

Apple applies this technology to the iPad Pro 11 2021 in the form of Augmented Reality (AR). AR itself is the physical appearance of the real world environment, accompanied by computer-generated images that change the perception of reality.

First Game Application Using LIDAR


The first game application that uses LIDAR technology is Hot Lava. This game uses a combination of the LIDAR technology system with the AR system, so players can scan the room with an iPad.

On the player’s iPad screen, a simulation of a room covered in hot lava will appear, where the furniture in the room can be used as objects that can be used in the game. For example, tables and chairs can be used as footholds to avoid the hot lava.

Other Functions of the LIDAR Technology System on iPad Pro

iPad Pro LIDAR

For work purposes, it turns out that LIDAR is also very helpful for designers. Some applications that can be applied to the iPad Pro 11 2021 are 3D modeling, Shaper3D.

Users can scan the room into the device so that they can create and add new objects with 3D models and can also modify them. Work becomes more efficient without having to delay time because it can be done at the same time.

Wow, I definitely can’t wait to play and use this iPad Pro 11 2021. The Apple company plans to release the iPad Pro 11 2021, which can be purchased by the public on March 25, 2021.

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