Moonton's Latest Update Releases 3 New Mobile Legends Items

The latest upgrade in Mobile Legends that appears on the Advanced Server provides some of the latest things. In addition to the emergence of the revamp Bane hero, the ML developer [Moonton] finally released 3 new Mobile Legends items. So, what are the three new items?

This is in line with what Moonton had promised in early 2021 ago. Which is where they will launch items and a number of revamps in available items. This is proven by the latest update that appeared this time and where Moonton has released 3 items as below.

This time, we will provide information about the three newest items that have been released by Moonton in the Mobile Legend game. What are the three items? Here is the review.

List of 3 New Mobile Legends Items You Should Know

For gaming friends who are still curious about what are the latest items released by Moonton on the Advanced Server, here is an explanation.

Vengeful Battleaxe

This first item is called the Cengeful Battleaxe, this item has the appearance of a red axe. Vengeful Battleaxe is the latest physical item that appears in the Advanced Server, here is info about some of the attributes of Vengeful Battleaxe.

  • 10% CD Reduction
  • +550 HP
  • +55 Physical Atk

Unique Passive Bersek:
When entering into a combat position when dealing damage to any enemy unit. This item will increase the Hero’s Physical Atk, which is 8 and Physical Penetration worth 4 every three seconds. Up to a maximum of 8 stacks. At full stacks will also increase Movement Speed ​​by 20%.

Shadow Twinblades

This second item is named Shadow Twinbaldes, this one item is a mage item that can be used by a mage hero or support in Mobile Legends. Here are a number of attributes that the Shadow Twinblades item has.

  • +5% Movement Speed
  • +10% Lifesteal
  • +70% Magic Power

Unique Passive Assassination:
If no damage is obtained for five seconds, then the next basic attack will deal Magic Damage worth 100 + 50% Magic Power, and will cause as much as 40% slow effect to the enemy for 1.5 seconds.

Radiant Armor

For the newest item, when it was called Radiant Armor, this item is specifically for the Mobile Legends tank hero. Here is some info about the attributes in the newest item called Radiant Armor in the Mobile Legends game.

  • +6 HP Regen
  • +45 Magic Defense
  • +800 HP

Unique Passive Holy Blessing:
Able to increase the Magic Damage Reduction that you have after getting Magic Damage worth 3 to 10. This skill will continue to increase according to level and run for up to 3 seconds and can be stacked up to 8 times.

The three newest items above will be perfect for use when in battle in the latest meta, each item has a very Overpowered skill [OP], ranging from strong defense, very high damage, to good additional CC.

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Well, that’s information about the three new Mobile Legends items that will appear in 2021. What do you think gaming friends with the emergence of these 3 new items? Will it be the most recent meta item if it has been launched on the next original server? Interesting to keep listening.

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