Mobile Legends Stun Event, Get a Permanent Skin!

The Stun Mobile Legends event is the latest event where gaming friends have the opportunity to get trial cards, permanent heroes, and even permanent skins. For how to follow it is very easy, so it will be a pity if you don’t follow it.

In this article, we will provide a review for gaming friends on how to complete the Stun ML 2021 event.

Tips for Solving Mobile Legends Stun Event

  • Select the Event button, then select the 525 eParty menu then click ‘Limited Merchandise’.
  • Click ‘Go Now’ to enter the STUN event website.
  • Well, you will be taken to the STUN studio, your task is to find some items related to STUN ML.
  • Each item is a clue which, when collected, can earn you rewards. In total there are 9 sign items available in the STUN event.
  • If you have collected all 9 items, then you can match the marks to get the STUN ML Event prize.

9 Item Places in STUN Studio

  • Purple microphone on the chair
  • Stick Chou Stick to arcade machine parts
  • Skateboard attached to the wall
  • DJ Brody table
  • Pillow of Selena’s image on the arcade screen
  • Picture of Selena on the arcade screen
  • Picture of Harrith on the table
  • Tap the green table next to DJ Brody’s table [untuk mendapat blueprint Phoverus].
  • Tap the pink arcade machine, share the event to your social media then you can choose the red joystick to get the 515 logo.

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How to Exchange ML Stun Event Prizes

After your gaming buddy gets 9 clues according to the one given just now, then you can match the clues and then immediately exchange them. Here’s how to get prizes in the 2021 ML Stun event.

  • Select the yellow button available on the right, then click the help button.
  • Next you see an empty box next to Kagura’s picture, below the picture there are instructions that you must match using the item.
  • If the instructions talk about Chou’s hero, then you can tap the skateboard and Chou sticker, then select the ‘Claim’ button to get a prize.
  • Next, if the clue is about Selena, then you can click on the clue on the microphone and Selena image, then select the ‘Claim’ button.
  • Furthermore, if the instructions are about Brody, then you can choose Brody’s DJ table and pillow, then select ‘Claim’.
  • Then, if in the instructions it is called meteor hammer, gaming friends can choose a new vlueprint hero named Phoveus and select the ‘Claim’ button.
  • If the instructions mention Layla, then you can choose the 515 logo clue and then select the ‘Claim’ button.
  • Finally, a hint will appear regarding Harrith, now you can choose a picture of Harrith’s skin then select ‘Claim’.
  • Select the back option, then select Mobile Legends to enter the game. Open your gaming buddy’s email on Mobile Legends to see the prizes you’ve gotten in this Stun event.

Well, that’s a review of various information about the Mobile Legends Stun Event. If you follow the procedure above, gaming friends can get prizes in the form of permanent heroes and even permanent skins. In addition, there is also the latest skin belonging to Manny Pacquiao who became a fighter hero, the skin has been released on April 13, 2021 and will be available until September 15, 2021. Good luck!

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