MLBB X Unipin 12.12 Big Sale! Flood Discounts and 12% Cashback

UniPin – The year-end shopping season which is often known as 12.12, citing the beautiful date of its implementation, is indeed the most exciting moment for shopping. No exception for digital products from a number of well-known games.

As a trusted online game item provider in Indonesia, UniPin certainly doesn’t want to be left behind. Together with the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang (MLBB), Special 12.12 this time UniPin provides an attractive offer for all ML-ers!

Don’t forget, if you don’t have enough MLBB Diamonds to buy Heroes, Skins or other items that ML-ers need, top up on UniPin, because ML-ers can get it 12% cashback for every purchase of MLBB Diamonds on UniPin!

Cashback UniPin Credits of 12% is distributed a maximum of 10,000 UniPin Credits for the first 300 transactions per day during the promo. So ML-ers must top-up as soon as possible so as not to run out of quota.

ML-ers must log in to their UniPin account first before reloading MLBB Diamonds. Oh yeah, don’t have a UniPin account yet? You can register first here.

After logging in to your UniPin account, you need to visit Fill in your MLBB ID, select MLBB Diamonds and the payment method you want. After the transaction is complete, cashback will log into your UniPin account automatically.

You can top up any available denomination and any payment method on UniPin. But sorry, you can’t use UP Points Wallet and Sakuku to earn cashback.

Of course, UniPin wants many people to be able to enjoy this promo. Therefore, each user is only entitled to 1 time cashback during the promo period, which is on 12-14 December 2021.

*REMEMBER! You must login to your UniPin account first to get the cashback!

MLBB Item Discount During UniPin 12.12 Big Sale

For ML-ers who want to buy Heroes, Skins, battle emotes or other items, ML-ers can get discount up to 40% from normal prices only on 12-14 December 2021. Elite Skin 399 diamonds can be obtained with a 30% discount from the normal price. The 30% discount also applies to Hero purchases, while Elite + Epic get a 20% discount.

You can get 40% discount at UniPin 12.12 Big Sale for Regular Skin purchases, of course this discount is calculated from the normal price, right. This big discount also applies to items and items Battle Emotes others, except Starlight. It’s great right? Let’s enjoy a variety of attractive offers from MLBB and UniPin at the 12.12 Big Sale promo this year! Don’t let the ML-ers miss the promo!

Happy gaming ML-ers! Top up the cheapest and fastest Diamonds MLBB only on UniPin.

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