Microsoft Office 2021 Will Be Released Soon

Microsoft announced that it will soon release a product line in their productivity field, namely Office 2021. In addition, Microsoft also announced the presence of the Office Long Term Service Channel (LTSC) aimed at businesses that need long-term static options for the software.

Like its predecessor, Office 2021, Office 2021 is designed for personal and small business users who don’t want to subscribe to the company’s cloud service, Microsoft 365.

While not going into full details or availability of Office 2021, Microsoft is promising two versions of the suite for those unable or reluctant to subscribe to Microsoft 365, which includes a cloud version. Office applications such as Word for a monthly or yearly price, a consumer version as well as an LTCC version. Both versions are available for Windows and MacOs in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Regarding features, Microsoft said that Office 2021 will include improvements as requested by its customers such as updates in accessibility, capabilities such as Dynamic Arrays and XLOOOKUP in Excel, as well as dark mode support in some applications.

“New Office LTSC features will improve performance in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint,” wrote Shapiro.

With the surge in Microsoft Teams users, Office 2021 will also be set to ship through the app, replacing Skype for Business. Apart from that they also provide a desktop version of the popular OneNote app. Recently they glanced back after previously discontinuing support.

“We’ve built Office LTSC for a limited set of situations, regulated devices that haven’t received feature updates for years, process controllers on the production floor that aren’t connected to the internet and dedicated systems that remain locked down and require a long-term service line. ,” he continued.

Office 2021 will have support for the next five years, although they are planning another release after that.

“We are always asked when we release something, if there is another release. I’m happy to confirm our commitment to releasing something else in the future,” concluded Shapiro.

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For the price, Microsoft promised not to change the price of this product when it was released. Microsoft also encourages people to try the power of the cloud, because that’s where they invest and innovate with cloud-based Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Microsoft 365 is an application made by Microsoft that was created as a complete package program. This complete package program aims to provide all the conveniences for users to access information flexibly, wherever and whenever. Even users can save their work in a cloud that has been provided.

In addition to flexibility, Microsoft 365 also has advantages in collaboration with other users. This can make it easier when a user has work to do as a group. Users who have become friends, can work on tasks together or communicate about a job.

There are basically two main Microsoft Office products: standard Microsoft Office (with variants of Office 2021, 2021 and the upcoming Office 2021 release) and Office 365 which is subscription based on a premium basis, along with Personal/Student versions and Professional versions. The Microsoft Office Business Professional suite includes the same core applications as Office 365, but lacks cloud support and multi-device compatibility.

Microsoft Office 365 has some enhanced features such as additional cloud services and multi-device installation, but of course has a more expensive price tag and requires a monthly subscription.

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