Metal Gear Is A Military Project Of American Intelligence?

Metal Gear is a military-themed game created by the maestro Hideo Kojima and his team. This game was very popular when Hideo Kojima was still working at the Konami company. His name is already very well known and recognized by almost all gamers.

Metal Gear is known as a stealth action game with cinematic events that always amaze players like a typical Hollywood military war film. Even some of the concepts in it such as AI (Artificial Intelligent), nuclear conflict, Memes, cloning and much more. As if it all sounded like a true story. Even one of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia named Andrei Kartapolov considered Metal Gear a military project of American intelligence.

America’s Secret Military Project

(Source: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation)

Andrei Kartapolov said that.

“On the Internet, special American service projects, such as Metal Gear and RuNet Echo are being implemented, aiming to directly manipulate the public consciousness and especially young people.”

Kartapolov believes that this Metal Gear game aims to encourage and convince young people to feel dissatisfied with the Russian government. Kartapolov’s statement sounds like he thinks this game is one of the American military projects to bring down Russia.

A Hideo Kojima Game, A Mix of Fiction and True Story

As many people know, this game takes on military and war themes throughout most of the series (cough, except for Metal Gear Survive). Coupled with concepts in the past and present world conditions, such as AI, Meme, Cloning and even Y2K incident become part of the story. A mixture of fiction and true stories is the main menu presented by Hideo Kojima and his team in this game.

Is Metal Gear an American Military Project?

The answer is no. It seems Kartapolov’s statement refers to the game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. This game takes the story setting during the Cold War era or the Cold War that actually happened in the real world. Briefly, this game focuses on trying to stop a giant robot with nuclear weapons and avoiding the ongoing war conflict between America and the Soviet Union (before it became Russia).

Another reason is that this game is made in Japan not America. Hideo Kojima and his team have nothing to do with American intelligence. Maybe he has a cooperative relationship with several militaries, and even then only for the inspiration of the game Kojima and his team. And don’t forget that almost all the people who make this game are Japanese.

Kartapolov took this game too seriously and felt America was trying to bring down the Russian state. His worry is considered too much by many people and of course gamers. Maybe he just finished playing the game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and feels provoked because his country has become an evil country.

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