Man Standing, Phenomenal Game From Studio Alfina Gamers

Just announced an amazing game on Steam. It is believed that this game can compete with the popularity of games made by Hideo Kojima and his team, namely Death Stranding. This game is called Man Standing. What’s the latest Man Standing game like? Let’s find out together.

Alfina Gamers and Man Standing

The ALFINA GAMERS studio team together with Alfina World Game Publishing are proud to present a unique gaming experience. Get ready gamers, because you will be challenging extraordinary dangers, ranging from nature, dangerous enemies, and most importantly, yourself.

MAN STANDING is a game survival in an open and endless world. Players have to carry heavy loads of you the only person alive in the world experiencing Schizophrenic Delirium.

Walk to places that hold the memories of those who have left this world prematurely. However, things don’t go easy. In this treacherous journey enemies and oddities will become obstacles. Don’t let them get in the way of your journey!

Advantages of Game Man Standing

This game will have an extraordinary feature and is different from the title of the game next door. Man Standing will have:

  1. Incredible and most advanced graphics of the era.
  2. The plot of the story is very philosophical and easy to understand by many people.
  3. Searching for the memories of the protagonist, in this case you as a player.
  4. Exciting battles with incredible natural scenery.
  5. Can interact with other players.
  6. The duration of play can be more than 40 hours.

Alfina Gamers Comments on Their Game

Alfina Gamers as the developer of the Man Standing game gave a little comment on their game.

This game looks very similar to other games, especially in terms of gameplay. Of course we’re talking about Hevy Reyn. But don’t get me wrong! Hevy Reyn has a different story, where there is a detective maniac (sorry spoilers) and the main character who is looking for his son. And also need to pass various kinds of tests. But we have no tests and no maniacs either! And of course we don’t have QTE (Quick Time Event). And we have settings different. In Hevy Reyn the theme isn’t it post apocalypse, but we have that theme (the story is after the incident)! Do you remember the time when Hevy Reyn was driving to find your son (Sean)? So that’s him! We don’t even have a moment like that in the game! So, don’t assume that this game is similar to Hevy Reyn. Not one bit!

Just For Joke

This is not Zhang Full Moon

From the explanation above you must have thought this must be a joke. And yes, this game is just a parody of the Death Stranding game.

After searching, we found that Alfina Gamers has no games other than Man Standing. So of course the names Alfina Gamers, Alfina World Game Publishing and even Man Standing are just parodies.

And don’t think this is a game made by Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions. Or Zhang Purnama the CEO of a well-known company Samsung.

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