Look forward to the excitement of Bekraf Game Prime 2021 this year!

Bekraf Game Prime 2021 (BGP) is back to be part of the biggest game industry event in Indonesia. In the past year BGP has succeeded in getting the interest of more than 16,000 visitors on 3 days held. This year, they have estimated that more than 18,000 visitors will participate in this event.

In collaboration with GGWP.ID and the Indonesian Game Association (AGI), BGP 2021 was again held for two days on 13 to 14 july 2021, located at Balai Kartini, Jakarta. The theme this time is “Game is the Future of Sport, Entertainment and Business.”. It is also hoped that this BGP will not only be the biggest game industry event in Indonesia, but also one of the top game industry events in Southeast Asia.

Day of Sungkari from Deputy for infrastructure of Bekraf, say,

“Currently, games are not just entertainment, but can be an educational tool, advertising can even contribute to the national economy. In addition, the game industry has now become one of the new professions, such as: players, managers, casters, publisher, as well as creators with a clear career path. And for players, games can also improve cognitive skills, teamwork, and critical thinking.” said Hari.

Therefore, there are many things that you can find at BGP 2021. There will be dozens of local game developers in the country who are ready to show off their latest games. Until an esports tournament is held. A total of 8 pro and semi-pro esports teams will compete in the Clash of Titans branch, including: RRQ, Aerowolf, Louvre, Island of Gods, GGWP Esports, The Prime, Saints Indo and Bigetron. For lovers of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), BGP will present a special area for playing VR & AR games. But not only in the form of digital games, visitors can also play various kinds of physical board games created by Indonesian designers.

Nostalgic place back…

For those who really want to reminisce with the arcade, there is a mini Arcade Center from BGP 2021. Besides the Retro Arcade, visitors can try racing simulators that are usually used by professional racers for practice. For artists, whether from comic artists, illustrators, or game artists, BGP 2021 presents a special area that presents many talented artists in Indonesia. Collectors of toys & action figures can also add to their collection. Because there will be many communities and also toy manufacturers both domestically and abroad here.

BGP 2021 will present awards to outstanding local developers over the past year as a form of appreciation for their efforts to advance the Indonesian game industry. Even some of the most accomplished games and developers in Indonesia can have the opportunity to showcase their work abroad.

Event information:

BGP 2021 open to the public and free. BEKRAF Game Prime 2021 tickets can be obtained by visiting the following link this. Further information regarding BEKRAF Game Prime 2021 can be seen through the following website this or contact game prime via [email protected]

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