Live Action Homunculus Coming Soon on Netflix, Starring Go Ayano!

Netflix Japan just announced a release date for an adaptation live action title Homunculus.

Netflix Japan Announces Showtimes Live-Action Homunculus

The adaptation is slated to premiere in April 2021. Based on the old manga by Hideo Yamamoto, live action Homunculus will star Go Ayano as the film’s protagonist.

To quote Oricon News, adaptation live action for manga Homunculus will star Go Ayano, as announced today (1/12). Ayano herself also said about her role as protagonist Susumu Nakoshi in the manga adaptation, that she claimed to have learned new things when playing the character.

The shooting location was completed last December in the Nishi-Shinjuku area of ​​Tokyo. For that location use backdrop with office towers and the dynamics of the streets of Shinjuku as the beginning of the manga-like story.

After the production is complete, the committee live action Hideo Yamamoto’s manga adaptation announced its premiere last September. had time trending on social media, the response to the drama series was met with many expectations from Japanese netizens themselves.

Homunculus will be playing exclusively on Netflix Japan on April 2, 2021.

Regarding Homunculus, Trepanation Leads to Disaster

live action homunculus tankobon 1

Homunculus is a manga by writer and illustrator Hideo Yamamoto, best known for his classic manga series, Ichi the Killer. The manga is published weekly through Big Comic Spirits, a -oriented manga magazine seinen published by Shogakukan, eight years apart from (30/7/2003) to (28/4/2011).

The manga has ended since serialization in the magazine Spirits ended, along with the tankobon from 2003 to 2011. This manga also finished for the Indonesian version along with the Japanese version of 15 volumes, published through Level Comics, a branch of publisher Elex Media Komputindo for adult comic series, as their first series.

Story Synopsis

The following is a synopsis of the story from the Homunculus manga:

Susumu Nakoshi is a homeless man who lives in a car beetle toads along the streets of the Shinjuku area. He met a medical school student who offered to volunteer for his experiment, to pay his gas bill in return. The experiment changed Susumu’s life 180 degrees after his skull was drilled, as a trepanation experiment.

He gains the ability of a sixth sense that allows him to see the other side of the human being. However, the side effect of this ability makes Susumu have to go through another life to see the bad side of the people around him.

How strange was Susumu’s experience after her trepanation experiment?

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