List of Redeem Codes for FF 7M Followers, Let's Exchange the Prizes!

The redeem code for FF 7M followers was intentionally shared by Garena Free Fire as a thank you to FF gamers who have been loyal to support this battle royale game. The thanks came from the success of the Free Fire Indonesia Instagram account, which has successfully penetrated more than 7 million followers.

As we all know, since the first release of the Free Fire game a few years ago, this game has continued to increase in the number of players and has finally succeeded in becoming one of the best-selling games for the battle royale genre.

Because of the enthusiasm of FF gamers, various information shared about the Free Fire game has always been their target, including in this case becoming Free Fire followers. Due to the success of achieving a very large number of followers, Garena Free Fire distributes prizes which will be redeemed with a certain code.

What is FF 7M Followers Redeem Code Reward?

Please note that the prize that will be offered when you gamers exchange the FF 7M followers redeem code is the Paleolithic FF bundle. This bundle contains cool skins that are rarely found in the Free Fire game. Guaranteed you will be happy with the gift.

This skin looks cool and unique because it has the appearance of a Dayak tribe that is rarely found. That’s why this skin is classified as a special skin that my friend got at the official FF event as an expression of gratitude for welcoming 7M followers.

FF gamers certainly know that this is not the first event conducted by Garena Free Fire with certain bundle prizes. There have been many previous events with prizes that are no less interesting.

It’s just that, the prizes at this event are quite unique, because these skins are difficult for friends to get at other times.

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Exchangeable Redeem Code

The redeem event code above is FF7M-UY4M-E6SC. You just need to exchange it for the prizes mentioned above.

Previously, you need to know that the redeem code shared is only regional. That is, if the redeem code is distributed in Indonesia, then the redeem code cannot be exchanged in other countries.

In addition, the redeem code also consists of 12 characters which are a combination of letters and numbers. Therefore, if the redeem code consists of more or less than 12 characters, it means that the redeem code is invalid.

If you gamers want to exchange the redeem code above, just follow the steps that I will share below:

  • Visit the official redemption site at
  • Login to your FF account.
  • Next, enter the 12 character redeem code.
  • Then click “Confirm”.
  • Finished.

For the prize, you just have to see it in the mail box in the FF game. If no prizes come in, it means that the exchange was not successful.

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