List of FF Redeem Codes March 20, 2021, Let's Claim the Prize

Friend gamers, how are you, I hope you all are always healthy and successful in all matters. Oh yes, this time the admin is again sharing the FF redeem code March 20, 2021 update today. Of course, many of you are waiting for this redeem code, right?

It’s only natural that you wait for the redeem code. The reason is that by exchanging the code, my friend will get interesting premium items in the Free Fire game for free. Even though usually these premium items can be obtained if you buy them using diamonds. Because of its premium nature, of course the diamonds that you have to spend are not small in number.

So, immediately exchange the redeem code that I will share with the gift above, friend, while it’s free. Of course, provided that the redeem code is still valid and has not been claimed by other gamers.

FF Redeem Code List 20 March 2021

Oh yes, the premium items that gamers will get when exchanging the code are armor, skins, weapon skins, magazines, pets, bundles, and the like. All of these items are certainly very useful in strengthening the FF character you are playing. Well, here’s a list of the redeem codes:

  • R6ML-N7BS-PA87
  • J4ML-GH9S-B7C9
  • FR6Y-ML9U-HSG5
  • FF65-KA8M-I8ZF
  • D9MG-8MPB-8Q7M
  • 7GR8-MP5L-CDR7
  • U9FL-G7L5-CF9E
  • FFK6-PO2G-7DC1
  • U5GM-T3BH-3DS8
  • E7ML-7GRT-MXS7
  • FF7M-HAZ8-KG8H

In addition to updating the redeem code today, it’s a good idea for gamers to also update the 2021 alternative redeem code which I share below. There may still be a valid one and my friend can exchange the prize.

2021 Alternative Redeem Code List

  • FF4L-CB74-17DJ
  • FFML-FK83-D332
  • FFES-JC81-PL47
  • FF4L-XZ82-B81V
  • FFES-GV48-SP31
  • FFML-58DF-KL7C
  • FFML-CT78-QA2U
  • FF4M-CG47-KLI4
  • FFML-HT32-KLP2
  • FF4M-FFSG-BK23
  • FFML-JAL3-93H1

Important Things About Free Fire Redeem Code

Before you gamers exchange the redeem code above, below are some important things you need to know about the code.

1.Has an Expired Alias ​​Exchange Limit

You need to note that the Free Fire redeem code that is shared has a time limit for redemption or expiration. So, gamers friends can only claim the prize as long as it has not expired or has been claimed by other gamers.

2.Has 12 Characters

The Free Fire redeem code consists of 12 characters which are a combination of letters and numbers. Therefore, if the redeem code that you want to use is less or more than 12 characters, it means that the redeem code is wrong.

3.Regional in nature

The redeem code is regional, which means it can only be redeemed in the country where the code was distributed. So the redeem code distributed in Indonesia will not be able to exchange the prize in Malaysia, Singapore, or others.

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If you gamers want to exchange the redeem code but don’t know how to exchange it, you just have to follow the steps below:

  • Please access the gift exchange site at this link.
  • Next, you just need to log in to your Free Fire account.
  • Enter the 12 character redeem code.
  • Press the confirm button and you are done.

If the redeem code is valid and you do the redemption steps mentioned above, then the gift exchange will be successful. Later on, gamers can see the prizes in the Free Fire in-game mail.

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