Let's Find Out More What are the advantages of Wanwan in Mobile Legends

Hero marksman in Mobile Legends has various types and gamers can use. There are lots of marksman heroes, one of them is Wanwan. Wanwan Mobile Legends has an ability that is so feared because her skills are very dangerous. Wanwan can knock out opponents quickly.

This hero has an interesting ability, he is a very agile and agile hero. Even Wanwan’s difficulty level is almost the same as Fanny’s, even though Fanny is still the hardest hero in ML.

In addition, Wanwan Mobile Legends has a large Burst Damage so that it can paralyze opponents quickly. He has the Immunity ability, which is capable of being immune from the effects of Crowd Control [CC] which will be detrimental when gamers play. If you are facing a pro player who uses Wanwan, then you must be careful with each attack. Because his passive skill will make you gamers die quickly.

If you want to use Wanwan, then you don’t forget to be able to find out some of the advantages of this one hero. So that the way your game will be better than before.

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Wanwan’s strengths make her a top tier hero. The advantages have been summarized so that you can read them easily.

Wanwan Mobile Legends Skill

  • Agile and Can Avoid Gank

Wanwan has quite an interesting ability, which is where after attacking the enemy, she can jump in a predetermined direction. That’s what makes this hero more difficult when going in Gank, even he can easily escape.

In addition, Wanwan also has the Immunity ability and is useful for battle, so she doesn’t have to worry about being hit by a severe CC effect. If you are already threatened, you better back off and wait for help from the Tank.

  • Complete Skills

Even though Wanwan is a hero with the role of Marksman, her abilities are practically complete. The advantages of Wanwan Mobile Legends hero can launch Damage Area and Stun to opponents, consecutive attacks using his Ultimate, and Immunity. Wanwan’s first skill will give Stun and Slow effects.

Wanwan’s second skill will give Immunity effect as well as Spell Purify. His Ultimate ability will give consecutive attacks, but must hit all of the opponent’s weak points first.

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Why is it said that Wanwan is related to Karrie? Because he has the ability where he can bulldoze enemy Tank heroes very easily. The excess of Wanwan’s Passive skill will make the opponent who is attacked, will have a weak point and if attacked, the opponent will receive additional damage.

There are 4 dots that will appear on the opponent’s body, each point will increase damage by 30%. Of course this can make the Tank hero lose a large amount of HP. Wanwan can also deal True Damage through this attack.

  • Has High Burst Damage

Wanwan is a marksman hero who has agility and also great damage. Wanwan is a very agile hero for now. Coupled with the large Burst Damage skill, this hero is widely used in Mobile Legends.

Those are some of the advantages of the Wanwan Mobile Legends hero. How? Are you gamers more interested in using this one hero? But don’t let yourself be a burden, because if it’s a burden it will be difficult later.

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