Lessons Learned from the Disbandment of the Baby Cute FF Guild

FF gamers are certainly no stranger to the name of the Baby Cute FF guild, which went viral some time ago and has been disbanded. The disbandment of the guild was due to several cases related to them.

The guild, called Baby Cute Free Fire, is all made up of beautiful girls. It’s no wonder that many gamers from among men enjoy following the games and content shared by them.

But because of some of the content they share, where they make sounds that seem vulgar and inappropriate, many Free Fire gamers blaspheme the guild because they feel uncomfortable with their actions. Worse yet, this guild will pay with the vulgar voice for FF gamers who want to give diamonds to them.

The Phenomenon of Member Baby Cute Free Fire

The video containing the groans released by the members of the Baby Cute FF guild is indeed a disturbing thing. The reason is, the vulgar voice smells negative and invites the lust of people who listen to it.

This is of course a negative and inappropriate thing, because the Free Fire game is mostly played by young children and even children. When they make sounds like that, of course it will have a bad effect on their mental and psyche.

Likewise, the videos they share while playing Free Fire, which contain voices and expressions that they are ready to pay with that voice for gamers who give them diamonds. This is not only a negative value, but also leads to something dangerous because it has led to negative actions that should not be imitated.

In the end, Free Fire, which should only be an entertainment game in your spare time, has finally turned into an erotic moment that has a tendency to negative things.

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Valuable Lessons from the Disbandment of the Baby Cute FF Guild

After causing unrest for some time, the guild was finally officially disbanded. This brings relief to many parties, especially those who see the magnitude of the negative effects that will be caused by their actions.

Although not explicitly stated, the dissolution of the guild was actually triggered by several important things:

  1. Blasphemy from various parties who are not happy with their actions.
  2. The identity of some of the scattered guild members.
  3. Shame on the family after their actions are known by the family along with personal identity that is publicly exposed.

Reflecting on the events that happened to the Baby Cute FF guild, as smart gamers, we should be able to learn some valuable lessons from this, namely not to do embarrassing things, especially in media that are exposed to the public. Moreover, a woman should have the character of ‘iffah (maintaining honor), because the value of their value can be seen from the nature of ‘iffah. Meanwhile, the actions of the guild members actually made themselves inferior to others.

Not to mention the family who will certainly feel ashamed of others due to the actions of their daughters who do embarrassing and indecent things in the media that are exposed to the public. While something embarrassing and spread online is not something that can be simply deleted. Not to mention if we talk about the sins they will be responsible for before Allah Azza Wajalla due to the inappropriate actions they have committed.

Therefore, I invite Free Fire gamers to take valuable lessons from the case that befell the Baby Cute FF guild. Make the Free Fire game solely a game for entertainment in your spare time.

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