Koongya Draw Party, the Latest Funny Quiz Game from Netmarble!

Following the success of its release in Korea, Netmarble Corp very excited to announce that the new creative real-time quiz game pre-registration KOONGYA Draw Party in the App Store and Google Play has been opened.

KOONGYA Presents Various Funny Game Quizzes!

Expected release in 2021, KOONGYA Draw Party offers a variety of funny and fun picture quizzes that can be created, graded and shared with everyone. Players can get prizes and also KOONGYA, mascot of the game KOONGYA Draw Party.

KOONGYA has a skill that can increase the in-game booster inside Tour Mode. Meanwhile in Mode Adventure, players can explore the area around them and find a picture quiz based on location. There are also Party Mode with a playroom feature for up to eight people, where players can take turns drawing and guessing quizzes with each other.

Netmarble is Enthusiastic to See Players from Overseas

“Sharing the creativity that is shared between friends, understanding everyone’s sense of humor through a creative process, and the satisfaction of finding the right answer are some of the reasons for the development and success of KOONGYA in Korea,” said Jung Ho Lee, Executive Producer of Netmarble. “Everyone at Netmarble is excited to see international players join the Draw Party by creating their own funny and fun quizzes in 2021.”

Previously, KOONGYA directly reach the total download no. 1 on the App Store and Google Play in South Korea two weeks after its release. With more than 30 million quizzes created by players since August 8, 2021, KOONGYA Draw Party has expanded widely through all types of social media resulting in massive popularity that continues to reach 500,000 daily active users and became the no.1 popular new game in South Korea among players in their 20s in 2021.

Pre-registration is now underway in App Store and Google Play. Follow KOONGYA in Facebook.

What is Netmarble?

Netmarble Corporation strives to entertain people around the world of all ages by providing fun mobile games. Founded in Korea in 2000, Netmarble is a leading mobile game company and continues to be the world’s leading developer and publisher.

With more than 6,000 employees, Netmarble has released some of the best-selling mobile games including Lineage2 Revolution, Blade & Soul Revolution, MARVEL Future Fight, Let’s Get Rich, and Seven Knights. As the parent company of Kabam, the world’s leading multiplayer game developer and largest shareholder of Jam City, one of the leading casual game developers, as well as one of the largest shareholders in Big Hit Entertainment which is an artist management and music production company, at the end of 2021, Netmarble decided to take over Woongjin Coway for new business development and signed a share purchase agreement.

Netmarble has strategic partnerships with CJ ENM Corporation, the largest entertainment company in Asia, Tencent Holdings, which is Asia’s largest internet company, and NCsoft, a leading MMORPG company. Further information can be accessed through following link.

In Indonesia, Netmarble Indonesia was founded in 2012, and has collaborated with LINE by publishing the mobile game Let’s Get Rich, as well as launching Seven Knights and MARVEL Future Fight. Further information about Netmarble Indonesia can be accessed at the following Netmarble Indonesia sites.

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