KoongYa Draw Party, Cute and Adorable Picture Puzzle Quiz

KoongYa Draw Party, is a picture quiz game just released by Netmarble. This smartphone game requires players to guess the image with a given time limit.

Guess the Picture Game with KoongYa Characters Cute Draw Party

Released this month, KoongYa Draw Party has a cute and funny game concept. This game from Netmarble is a relaxing and entertaining picture puzzle quiz game for players.

The game is also not very difficult. Players have to guess the jigsaw puzzle drawn by KoongYa with random letters that have been prepared before time runs out. The concept of this game is not much different from other guessing games, what is different is that this game is provided with a cute and adorable theme.

Not only that, NawaReaders will also be accompanied by the cute KoongYa during the game. There are a total of 20 playable KoongYa characters. Each character can give skills and have different passive effects. Skills it has effects such as stopping time, removing unnecessary letters, and reshuffling the random letters provided.

Level Up to Change Appearance KoongYa

KoongYa Draw Party Game

This game also has a system level up with gifts in-game satisfactory. Each stage that is successfully completed, the player will get EXP and level up the player.

Present in-game can vary, such as gold, skills, pencil to play stage, and gifts in-game another unique. Players can also get KoongYa costumes that are cute and attractive.

Players can get these costumes through special missions provided by the game, doing level up by putting the KoongYa in Playground or use gold to raise level character. There are a lot of costumes that can be worn in this game, and every Koongit has many variants of costumes.

Play With Friends and Create Your Own Picture Puzzles!

KoongYa Draw Party Game

This game can be played with friends or other players who are in the game. The way to play is like a contest of quizzes, where players must quickly guess the images provided. Of course this game will be more if played together.

One of the unique features of this game is a feature where players can play with their creativity in drawing. Here players can create their own picture puzzles and then later guessed by other players.

Mode This game is almost like the Pokemon Go game, where players will go around looking for jigsaw puzzles given by other players. If the player succeeds in guessing, he will get a gold as well as EXP to do level up. Images created will be placed in a special gallery, where other players can comment and likes in that picture.

You can download the KoongYa Draw Party smartphone game directly at Play Store for free.

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