Kominfo Joins in Making Appeals with Meme Game Among Us

Some time ago, the social media account of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise made an appeal to Indonesian citizens against fraud. This appeal is conveyed by means of game memes Among Us. Now, party Kominfo also don’t want to lose by giving an appeal to residents with game memes Among Us also.

Kominfo Gives an Appeal by Way of Meme Game Among Us

An appeal from the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia or abbreviated as Kominfo through official social media accounts. The appeal is a warning to be careful of the spread of hoax news that never stops. You can see for yourself Kominfo posts with game memes Among Us below this.

#SobatKomIf you find a hoax, immediately report it to aduankonten.id, yes! Don’t let hoaxes break our unity.”

The post certainly received a lot of positive responses from Indonesian netizens. They like the way Kominfo gives advice by following what is the current trend.

Customs Has Been Following the Trend

Prior to Kominfo, Customs and Excise had done this kind of thing first. Just like Kominfo, they give an appeal to Indonesian citizens to be careful with fraudsters aka Impostor like in game Among Us.

The message was spread through his official Facebook social media account. In the post, Customs and Excise warned Indonesian citizens to be careful of Impostor aka scammer. Because often Impostor it tricks victims into transferring funds to them on their behalf. The following is message them to Indonesian citizens with a game theme Among Us.

Game Beginning Among Us Popular

Quoted from KnowYourMeme, a game developed by a developer named Innerslot it’s actually been released in 2021 and can be played well on PC or smartphone, together with the video release trailers on the canal YouTube-his.

To find out more about the beginning of the game’s popularity Among Us, you can read our article here.

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