Kojima Productions Celebrates 5th Anniversary

On Wednesday (16/12), the game studio founded by the designer video games Hideo Kojima’s famed Kojima Productions is celebrating their 5th anniversary.

Kojima Productions shared their happiness with gamers and fans of Kojima Productions’ games through their uploads on Twitter as well as a surprise for fans.

Letter from Kojima Productions

As the start of their 5th anniversary celebration, Kojima Productions uploaded a letter with an image of the Kojima Productions 5th anniversary logo containing a thank you to the fans for the support they have given. Kojima Productions also stated that thanks to everyone’s support, they were able to face the various challenges that exist.

kojima productions

“Thank you for joining us on December 16, 2021 to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Kojima Productions.

On December 16, 2021, Kojima Productions opened its doors and embarked on a journey as an independent game studio. The last five years have been extraordinary, but especially this year it has been extraordinary for a number of reasons.

Over a year ago, our first developed title, Death Stranding, was released on PlayStation 4 and we were amazed by the reactions from fans and critics alike. The PC version was released earlier this year with new and exclusive content and won the Golden Joystick Awards PC Game of the Year.

This year has had many challenges as well, although our determination as a studio is “keep on keeping on“Developing and serving (quality games) gets a lot of support from our great community. From Photo Mode and fan art, to the cosplay challenge… these efforts not only continue to motivate us, they also help us to stay connected, and that means a lot to us.

We can’t thank you enough.
In celebration of this, over the next few hours, we will be posting a number of updates on our social media. This is our way of saying thank you for your continued support and contributions so far, and we hope we can meet and shake hands soon… see you in an hour!

Tomorrow is in our hands!”

LUDENS Wallpapers

kojima productions

As promised in the letter above, about an hour later, Kojima Productions returned with a wallpaper featuring their mascot, a character named LUDENS. In the upload, they also included an interview with Koji Shinkawa, Head Designer at Kojima Productions. The interview discusses the origins and creation of this character and the Kojima Productions logo.

Along with the upload, Kojima Productions announced that they would be releasing a collection of merchandise from Kojima Productions. This merchandise will be in the form of a shirt or jacket featuring their mascot design, LUDENS, on the front.

Two Videos

Kojima Productions also released two videos on their official channel on the video sharing site YouTube. The two released videos both highlight the achievements of Kojima Productions to date.

In April 2021, Hideo Kojima has just been awarded the most prestigious award from the BAFTA Game Awards, namely The Fellowship Award. The first video highlights Kojima’s accomplishments on this one and also follows the journey of The Fellowship Award trophy, from the moment the award was announced until it reached Japan safely.

Meanwhile, the second video is a short two-minute video featuring Hideo Kojima. In the video, Kojima thanked the fans who have supported Kojima Productions so far. This second video is also the closing of Kojima Productions’ 5th anniversary content series.

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