Koei Tecmo Celebrates One Million Shipments of Ryza Atelier Series

Monday (29/3) yesterday, Koei Tecmo Europe’s official Twitter account, announced the celebration of the delivery of one million copies of the game Atelier Ryza.

This success was not wasted by the developer, by making a sequel titled Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and Secret Fairy, Atelier Ryza so draw Atelier the first to have a direct sequel to the first title.

Atelier Ryza it might be a draw Atelier the first one boom, especially in the realm of mainstream. The first game alone, has reportedly reached 420 thousand sales, both physical and digital. The figure of one million copies is calculated from the combination of the number of game submissions Atelier Ryza the first to be released in 2021, and a sequel in January 2021.

Toridamono, as the official artist and illustrator Atelier Ryza, created this celebration image uploaded by the Koei Tecmo account.

Other than that, Koei Tecmo also announced the release of costumes Special DLC which can be obtained in the first game Atelier Ryza, as well as both games. The costumes are called Summer Adventure and Divertimento’s Embrace which will be released on March 31. There is no further information about this costume, such as the cost that needs to be paid to get the DLC.

Synopsis Atelier Ryza

Atelier “Ryza” Stout, is a girl who lives on a small island, and makes a living from farming. He is a person who is thirsty for adventure, and often drags his two friends: Lent and Tao into various problems. One day in their adventure, Ryza and his friends were attacked by a monster. Lucky they can be saved by alchemist Empel and his partner Lila. From then on, Ryza became interested in art alchemy.

Second game Atelier Ryza, takes place 3 years after the first title. Ryza who develops abilities alchemy she was already a teacher on Kurken Island. One day Ryza received an invitation from his best friend, Tao, to research the ruins near where he was. Ryza’s journey then reunites him with his friends from three years ago.

Gameplay Atelier Ryza combine fighting elements turn-based as well as real-time. Mechanism alchemy become the main means of players to strengthen party and complete challenges. Different from previous Atelier titles, Atelier Ryza doesn’t feature any mechanics ‘deadline’, which makes Atelier Ryza very friendly for beginners to play the JRPG genre.

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