Know, what is the use of the Yellow Diamond in Mobile Legends

Nowadays it turns out that many people are busy discussing about what is the use of mobile legends yellow diamond? Especially for gaming friends who like to play games with the free version, of course, this yellow diamond can be a target.

If you want to get a yellow diamond, you have to take part in an event that has been held by Moonton. So gaming friends must know how to get yellow diamonds. If you want to know more about the yellow diamond and how to use it, you can see this discussion to completion.

Yellow Diamond Mobile Legends To Buy Hero Skin

If your gaming buddy is a Mobile Legends player, you must be familiar with yellow diamonds. Actually, in this game, when there is a yellow diamond icon, it is complete with an explanation.

If your gaming buddy is a beginner, this time I will explain what the yellow diamond is for mobile legends. Simply put, yellow diamonds are discount coupons that gaming friends can use to buy game items on Mobile Legends. Well, using this yellow diamond allows gaming friends to buy new hero skins.

Yellow Diamond Uses in ML Games

If gaming friends want to get items at low prices in ML games, gaming friends can take advantage of yellow diamonds. What is the use of mobile legends yellow diamond? The presence of this yellow diamond provides an opportunity for gaming friends to get discounts or discounts of up to 50% to get hero items and skins.

How to buy ML items with Yellow Diamond

Currently, there are many ways that gaming friends can do to top up diamond ML. As a player, of course, gaming friends want to look for promos and discounts. So gaming friends have to use yellow diamonds to get items in the ML shop.

Please see some explanations about how to buy items in ML with yellow diamonds.

  1. Please open the ML game and select the Backpack option.
  2. Make sure your gaming buddy already has a lot of yellow diamonds to buy ML items.
  3. Gaming friends can choose favorite heroes or skins such as tanks, marksman, assassins, mages, support, and fighters.
  4. Next, gaming friends can click the coupon button and click the diamond promo. So, gaming friends can get a cheaper price.
  5. Please click buy and wait a while to buy items at low prices
  6. In this case, gaming friends can buy the items you want in Mobile Legends.

How to Get Yellow Diamond in Mobile Legends Game

Yellow Diamond Mobile Legends

After gaming friends know what the use of yellow diamonds in mobile legends is, this time we will explain several ways so that gaming friends can get yellow diamonds. Gaming friends can get it by participating in several events such as the following:

  1. Crazy Sales Events
  2. Events Drawa Hero Benedetta
  3. Mille Crepe Mobile Legends Event

If you join this event, gaming friends have the opportunity to be able to shop for skin and hero items at low prices. The method is quite easy, just log in and share events, so gaming friends can get yellow diamonds.

In addition, gaming friends can follow the steps ordered in events to get yellow diamonds. Usually events like this will always be there in the future, so gaming friends can keep an eye on it and don’t miss it.

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That’s an explanation of what the function of the yellow diamond is and how to get it. Make sure your gaming friends don’t miss out on participating in the event so they can get yellow diamonds so they can be used to buy your favorite ML items and skins.

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