Kemenpora, KONI, and PB Esports Hold Tournament Titled KONI Cup 2021

More and more fans esports In Indonesia, the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI), the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports, and PB Esports collaborated to create an official competition. What do you think about the competition titled KONI Cup 2021 this? Let’s see the article below!

Esports competition title titled KONI Cup 2021

Esports has become one of the activities that are often done and watched by the people of Indonesia. This can be seen from the many Indonesian youths who are very enthusiastic in carrying out this activity.

Entering the end of 2021, KONI, the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports, and PB Esports Indonesia believe that the fire of the esports ecosystem and gaming in Indonesia will continue to flare for an unpredictable time.

To continue to maintain the flames, KONI, the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports, and PB Esports present the biggest esports tournament at the end of this year with the title KONI Cup 2021. The peak of this tournament will take place on November 28 to 29, 2021, and prepare a total prize of IDR 200 million.

Introducing Esports to Indonesian society

The 2021 KONI Cup esports tournament is the inaugural tournament presented by KONI with the aim of making esports more familiar to the Indonesian people. In addition, this tournament also shows that the government also provides positive support for sports that use video game media, or esports, in Indonesia.

The general chairman of KONI, Lt. Gen. TNI (Ret.) Marciano Norman, said that KONI, together with PB Esports Indonesia, provide fair and equitable opportunities for esports lovers throughout the country.

“With the hashtag #SoJuaraDunia, KONI and PB Esports Indonesia, provide a fair and equitable opportunity to compete in a healthy and fair play. This is to gain real achievements, as well as have the opportunity to become national champions and pave the way to world champions.”

Frengky, SE, SH, as the Secretary General of PB Esports revealed that this tournament was held as one of the preparations for the athletes.

“We are holding the 2021 KONI Cup to prepare Indonesian esports athletes to compete. So that we can make the nation proud in the world esports championship stage in the future,”

KONI Cup 2021 Timeline

Supported by Garena, the 2021 KONI Cup is an esports tournament that will collaborate with esports games Free Fire. The qualifying phase will be held until the grand final (main event) throughout November 2021. There will be two qualifications, namely the western and eastern qualifications which will take place simultaneously on November 17 to 22 2021. Followed by the grand final or main event on November 28 to 29 2021.

The top three ranked teams from each of the west and east qualifiers are entitled to advance to the main event round. The next phase, they will compete with 6 teams Free Fire Indonesia’s best who got direct invitation.

Registration phase for esports team Free Fire Those who want to take part in this tournament will take place from November 8 to 13, 2021. Prospective participants who are interested in participating in this tournament can directly register their team here.

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