Just Released, Uma Musume Pretty Derby Game Has Been Downloaded 2 Million Times

New game from company Cygames title Uma Musume Pretty Derby has finally been released since February 24, 2021. After a long wait, fans of this horse racing moification game can now be played with various interesting features. This time Uma Musume Pretty Derby has been in download 2 million times!

Games Uma Musume Pretty Derby Downloaded 2 Million Times

This information comes from the official Twitter social media account Uma Musume. Through announcement In this regard, Uma Musume’s Twitter account is very happy with the enthusiasm of the fans to be successful today. To celebrate, the Trainer will get a prize from Cygames in the form of 1500 jewel.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Game 2 million download
(Source: Uma Musume Pretty Derby Twitter Official)

Games Uma Musume Pretty Derby has been downloaded 2 million times!

To celebrate, we will give 1500 jewels to the Trainers!

We will always look forward to your support Uma Musume Pretty Derby from all of you!

2 Years Over Waiting

Uma Musume Pretty Derby was first announced around 2021. The announcement received a lot of enthusiasm from players who were eager to play this horse racing moefic. But it’s not clear how it’s going, the game has been repeatedly delayed by Cygames.

Previously, this game was due to be released earlier at the end of 2021. This information first appeared when the financial presentation by CyberAgent, the owner of the famous Japanese game developer Cygames, took place online. CyberAgent provides financial conditions of income from mobile games such as Granblue Fantasy, Princess Connect: ReDive, Shadowverse and others.

Reported from the site Gamebiz, Cygames provides the latest information regarding horse racing moification games, namely Uma Musume Pretty Derby. They said that the game was planned to be released at the end of 2021. Cygames did not say when exactly this game would be released.

And again, this game has been delayed and finally it can only be released on February 24, 2021.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Game 2 million download
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About Uma Musume Pretty Derby

anime uma musume pretty derby season 2

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a multimedia series created by the game development company Cygames. In addition to getting a Season 2 anime adaptation, Uma Musume Pretty Derby get two manga series adaptations, namely Starting Gate!: Uma Musume Pretty Derby released in 2021, and Umayon release in 2021.

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