Just a minute! Tom Nook's Special Emoji Now on Twitter

Ahead of the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizon on March 20, Tom Nook the Raccoon will ‘show up’ at the platform Twitter as an emoji for a limited time.

Tom Nook Comes Through Several Hashtags

Announced via Tom Nook’s official account himself (yes, the official Animal Crossing account), he started his emoji debut via a number of hashtags on platform the blue bird’s social media.

“Great time to debut my emoji on Twitter, hm? That’s right! You can use any number of hashtags to add your favorite emoji. This emoji is available for a limited time, so use it while you can!”

This raccoon who works as a housing loan shark will appear as an emoji if you use hashtags aka the following hashtags: #AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #ACNH and of course #TomNook.

Try the Animal Crossing Special Hashtag

emoji Tom nook twitter animal crossing new horizons
Trying Tom Nook emoji live on Twitter | SCREENSHOT: Naufal Alfarizy, 2021

Without waiting, the author immediately tried to use the hashtag that had been announced by Tom Nook. Unexpectedly, the 4 tanuki (raccoon dog – Japanese) emojis immediately appeared in a tweet Writer.

Not only the author, a number of Animal Crossing fans were also happy with the news and immediately used the special edition hashtag. For example @KlaireDelilah and #Falcon_Faile.

Tom nook twitter emoji
SCREENSHOT: Naufal Alfarizy, 2021

Some Media Game Reviews Show Good Value!

Besides being happy that Nintendo brought the Tom Nook emoji on Twitter, it seems that fans will also be curious! Because, a number of game media have given their reviews regarding Animal Crossing New Horizons, from Eurogamer to IGN, and the results are very interesting and good!

Here are the scores and reviews of the game’s media:

It’s no surprise that the review score for the game franchise Animal Crossing is very high, because it’s been a long awaited game and the elements in this game are really interesting. The quality of games that Nintendo brings in franchise it’s really awesome, so it can’t hurt to buy Animal Crossings New Horizons when it’s released.

For the start of this year, Animal Crossing New Horizons can be said to be Best Game of The Year 2021, however, what about other competitor games that will be released in the middle to the end of the year? We look forward to it!

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