Just 2 Months, Game Idol Project "Readyyy!" Will Close Soon!

Shocking news came from games idol projectReadyyy!” made by SEGA, a video game software developer based in Japan. Because, games idol project “Ready!” It has been announced that it will end its service on Friday, June 28, 2021. This was announced via their Twitter account at @Readyyy_info.

In its official announcement on the official website “Readyyy!” on the SEGA website, his side state that they have put all their efforts and energy into planning and organizing events on games and improve the system games to improve user experience and service quality, but the development of the industrial environment games recent events, difficulties with continued development and revenue, forced them to decide to end the service games “Ready!” this.

Important Schedule

It also announced information regarding important schedules related to service termination games “Readyyy!”, which is as follows:

  • User can’t buy Diamonds starting today (Friday, 26 April 2021 11:00 am Japanese time).
  • On the day Friday, 28 June 2021, service games “Ready!” officially ended. After that date, users cannot access games or register a new account in the game “Readyyy!”.
  • Refund (refund) on purchase Diamonds remaining on the user account is planned to start on Friday, 28 June 2021. Users planning to do refund expected for no delete (uninstall) application on the device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In addition, through this page, it also contains information about questions that users often ask (Frequently Asked Questions) relating to service termination games “Readyyy!”. Quoted from a translation on the Twitter account @readyyy_eng, the following is a list of questions and answers that have been prepared in this regard.

  1. Q: Why games “Ready!” officially discontinued service?
    A: We are sorry to say that we are ending the “Readyyy!” game service. on our consideration that we have not succeeded in providing services that can satisfy the users.
  2. Q: When was the last time I was able to register as a new player?
    A: New account registration will still be open until the service closing day on Friday, 28 June 2021.
  3. Q: Can I get my money back from Diamonds which i have bought?
    A: Regarding the refund procedure (refund) will be informed on the announcement in the game (in-game announcements). Please note that if you delete the app, you will not be able to receive a refund (refunds).
  4. Q: is live events what was planned on Saturday, May 11, 2021 will still be held?
    A: Live events will continue as planned. In this regard, please wait for further information to be announced on the official website and official Twitter account “Readyyy!”.
  5. Q: Will there be any plans for an offline release (offline)?
    A: We’re sorry, there are no plans for an offline version (offline).
  6. Q: Will there be any plans for CD/digital releases of songs that haven’t been published yet?
    A: Currently under consideration. We will let you know as soon as the details are decided.
  7. Q: Will there be sales of merchandise items from previous events by mail?
    A: We will start selling items that are still in stock online (on line) starting at the end of May 2021. Please wait for further information to be announced on the official website and official Twitter account “Readyyy!”.
  8. Q: Will there be plans for further development outside the game, such as storyline development and live events from para seiyuu?
    A: We will inform you as soon as the details are ready.

About Readyyy!

“Ready!” (be read: “ar-i-ei-di–wai-wai-wai“) is idol project made by SEGA, a video game software developer based in Japan. This project was first introduced to the public on February 14, 2021, while for gamesitself has recently been released, namely on February 1, 2021. Typical slogan of project this is: “Feel the moment, now or never!“.

Idol project It is set in Kamakura, where it is told in the current era of competition in the industry idol become more and more strict with the system ranking. The protagonist is a woman who is the producer of the agency.”Dear Production“. But not only that, the protagonist is also told to be a “boarding mother” for 18 (eighteen) people male idols who live together in the same hostel.

As for 18 (eighteen) people idol divided into 5 (five) units idols: SP!CA, RayGlanZ, Just4U, La-Veritta and Mate Rocket.

The following is a list of the seiyuu involved in idol project “Readyyy!”:

  • SP!CA:
    • Norihito Hase as Samon Nishikido
    • Hayato Komiya as Hiro Igarashi
    • Tetsuei Sumiya as Mitsuki Kuze
    • Atsushi Endou as Azusa Konno
    • Noriaki Kanze as Takumi Kurumizawa
  • RayGlanZ:
    • Masamu Ono as Chihiro Usui
    • Shma Konoe as Tōya Munakata
    • Katsuyuki Miura as Ango Kōsaka
  • Just4U:
    • Haruto Kuroki as Tatsuma Akashi
    • Issei Furuta as Sui Yanagawa
    • Shun Yasuda as Komugi Ayasaki
    • Taiki Bito as Riku Orikasa
  • La-Verita:
    • Fumiya Tanaka as Genshin Shimizu
    • Yuki Sakihara as Uta Kamijo
  • Mate Rocket:
    • Ryūichi Sawada as Sshi Fujiwara
    • Tomohiro machi as Zen Iseya
    • Shūichir Umeda as Aki Takachiho
    • Sōnosuke Hattori as Junnosuke Sanada

Songs from idol project “Ready!” available on Spotify and can be listened to at the following link: 1, 2 and 3.

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