It's True, Fall Guys Inspired by Takeshi's Castle Game Show!

Come on, which of you is currently addicted to playing games latest Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Games Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout called inspired by a popular game show from Japan called Takeshi’s Castle (Takeshi Castle). And it turns out that the statement was confirmed directly by developer.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Inspired by Game Show Takeshi’s Castle

When this game was announced, many rumors said that the game developed by Mediatonic and Devolver Digital This is inspired by a game show from Japan called Takeshi’s Castle. It turned out that this was confirmed by developer This is from a Devolver Digital YouTube video channel entitled Fall Guys – Behind the Scheme (Mediatonic).

When asked about game inspiration Fall Guys, the game comes from the design leader named Joe. Joe mentioned that he had spent a lot of time watching Takeshi’s Castle when he was little.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Takeshi's Castle

“I spent a lot of time watching Takeshi’s Castle when I was little. You never know what combination in every game you will face.”

Joe said that he also watched a little game show It’s A Knockout. From the event, Joe and his team noticed how the characters interacted while wearing large costumes and competing with each other.

Design Game’s Stage Created By A Playground Designer

If you don’t know, design game’s stage or the game area in the Fall Guys created by Ash. He served as a concept design designer and had previously built a playground. For that reason game’s stage feels very fun and challenging because it was made by people who have participated in making a playground.

There are many things explained in the video Fall Guys – Behind the Scheme (Mediatonic). Curious about more information about the game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, you can watch the video below.

What is Game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Takeshi's Castle
(Source: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Steam)

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a fun multiplayer game with a total of 60 players. In this game, you compete with other players towards the finish line through various obstacles stage which exists. And don’t forget that other players can be your friends or even your enemies during the game.

This game has been released since August 4, 2021 and can be played via PC (Steam) and Playstation 4.

Fun Watch Takeshi’s Castle (Takeshi Castle)

Takeshis Castle Takeshi Castle

Takeshi’s Castle or you know him better by Takeshi Castle is a game show from Japan that was broadcast from 1986 to 1989 on the Tokyo Broadcasting System. Some of you may still remember this event as an exciting spectacle when you see the participants struggle to beat all the existing obstacles.

This event also entered various countries in the world such as the United States, Britain, the Philippines, and including Indonesia. In Indonesia, this program has been broadcast on a private TV station since February 2002.

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