InnerSloth Cancels Among Us 2's Release, Here's Why!

Among Us become one of the most popular games in the world, including in Indonesia. So popular, developers Among Us plans to release its successor, that is Among Us 2. However, the development team Among Us, InnerSloth, said they would cancel the game Among us 2.

Though the concept for the game Among Us 2 has been prepared carefully for other players later. Then, what about the fate of the game Among Us 2 the? Let’s look at the report.

InnerSloth Plans to Release Among Us 2

Game development team Among Us, InnerSloth, plans to release the second game series Among Us. This game has gameplay that is not much different from the first game, but with a little improvisation and new concepts. The plan is that this game will be released in the near future for PC and Android users.

The latest features of the game Among Us 2 it introduces mechanics as well roles latest for the camp crewmate and impostor. Every role have skills which is very unique to help players in launching the action. Besides, it’s said that the game Among Us 2 it will also introduce stage interesting new.

Cancel Release Among Us 2 and will focus on the first game

Innerslot among us 2

However, on last Wednesday, the InnerSloth game development team via devloghis, decided to cancel the release of Among Us 2. According to PuffballsUnited, one of the staff from InnerSloth, stated that the enthusiasm of the Among Us players was very high.

The plan is that the InnerSloth team will move game content Among Us 2 to game Among Us 1. This is of course a pretty tough challenge for the developer team, because they have to completely overhaul the game. The reason behind the release Among Us 2 that is because code base Among Us 1 which outdated and cannot be updated.

Prepared Content

Innerslot among us 2

InnerSloth plans to add a lot of content from the sequel. One of them is Colorblind Support, where this feature is added for players who have limited vision. In addition there is a new stage that has a theme from the game Henry Stickmin.

Of course there are many more interesting content that will be added to the game Among Us. So for you NawaReaders, please be patient for future updates.

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