Incredible, it turns out that there are so many FF players in the world

The Free Fire game has become one of the best car-based battle royale games in the world. This can be seen clearly from the large number of FF players in the world today. Although this game is more popular with young children, but not a few of the children and adults who play it.

The excitement and tension of survival when playing Free Fire is like an ‘opiate’ that encourages gamers to continue playing this game. Not to mention when you feel booyah, the desire to keep playing and keep booing seems to never go out.

On the one hand, the excitement felt so that gamers always want to play Free Fire is a natural thing. But on the other hand, this can be dangerous if a gamer is addicted to playing games so that he does not pay attention to real interactions with the people around him, or even neglects his obligations as students and workers.

The Cause of the Large Number of FF Players in the World

The large number of FF players in the world, where the players are of various genders and ages, are caused by the following:

Games Can Be Played With Low Class Smartphones

Unlike other battle royale games that can only be played when gamers use smartphones with high specifications, the Free Fire game can actually be played with low-spec smartphones.

This is one of the main reasons that make this game very popular among people of all ages and genders. If it has to be played with a high-spec smartphone, of course the number of people who can play it is limited. Because, people who can afford to buy a high-spec smartphone are not as many as people who can’t afford it.

Have Auto Aim Game Controls

In the control section of the game Free Fire has game controls that are simpler and less complicated when compared to other battle royale games such as PUBG. Because Free Fire has an Auto Aim system that other games don’t have.

In addition, the movements made in the Free Fire game are faster when compared to the movements made in other battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile. No wonder Free Fire feels comfortable to play when controlling the vehicle. Well, this is one of the main reasons that make the number of FF players in the world today.

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The Fun of Doing an Ambush

Unlike PUBG, which is tactical in warfare, Free Fire puts more emphasis on ambushing enemies. For most gamers, ambushes are fun and stressful. The excitement is felt to be ‘opium’ for gamers to always play this game.

In addition to the three things above, there are actually several reasons that make FF games very popular with the public.

So how many FF players in the world today?

You need to know that currently the number of Free Fire game downloads has reached more than 500 million games on the Google Play Store. With this number of downloads, it is clear how many FF players are in the world today.

Of the total number of Free Fire players in the world, players from Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and India are the most numerous.

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