iMLS Mobile Legends Cheat Application Is it Safe?

iMLS Mobile Legend is an application that allows Mobile Legend players to get all types of skins for free. But behind the convenience of course there are many risks that must be known.

Who doesn’t know the Mobile Legend game? We are willing to bet that most gamers have played or just know the gameplay of this game! This game developed by Moonton is very popular in several countries, especially Asia, even Indonesia is ranked 1 as the most player.

This Moba game has many players, not without reason, Moonton as a developer has a pretty clever strategy to keep players from getting bored.

Moonton always updates this game, whether from the map, adding Characters or Heroes, adding increasingly varied Skins, changing skills or abilities on several Heroes, holding events with prizes, even making National and International Mobile Legend tournaments or championships! Which even Indonesia has become a subscriber of champions such as the Evos team, RRQ, BTR, and so on.

As previously stated, the more and more varied skins affect the popularity of this game made in the bamboo curtain country. Players can have these skins by buying them or participating in ongoing events, such as Christmas events, Eid al-Fitr, and so on.

Skin prices do vary, ranging from cheap 120 thousand, some even reach millions of rupiah to get it.

What is the iMLS Mobile Legends Application?

iMLS Mobile Legends Application

Of course, if not all gamers have a large budget, so skin ownership is limited, although not all players think about skins but at least having a variety of skins can increase confidence in the game.

That’s why many gamers are looking for an easy way to get ML skins, one of which is the wrong way or can be said to be illegal. One of them is by using the iMLS application which is an application developed by hackers to open all types of skins in the Mobile Legends game!

Now the iMLS application itself has several versions, the latest one has been updated and is now at version 1.8.12. The previous version of iMLS Mobile Legend was 1.8.9. and 1.8.11.

The way this application works is the same as other cheat modification applications, namely by adding and running special scripts to be able to change paid skins into free ones.

This application is similar to the Lulubox cheat which was viral some time ago. Of course, this type of application is being hunted by game players who want an instant way to get paid items for free.

IMLS 1.8.12 Latest Features

This latest iMLS application has better features than the previous version, as for the mainstay and best features of iMLS Mobile Legend version 1.8.12. These are:

  • Unlock all characters or heroes
  • Unlock all skins including rare skins that can only be obtained through events
  • It’s possible to get the latest hero patch
  • Free and No Ads
  • Maximizes FPS, so when playing it doesn’t lag or crash
  • Unlock all game modes such as Brawl, ranked, classic, custom, and more
  • Updates all the time
  • And so forth

Those are the features of iMLS Mobile Legend. However, the latest news is that iMLS already has the latest update, namely version 1.8.13. which certainly has more slick features and bug fixes.

How to Download and Use the iMLS Mobile Legends Application

iMLS Mobile Legends Application

Here are the steps to download and use iMLS Mobile Legend:

  • First, please, my friend, prepare the iMLS Mobile Legend application. If you don’t have one, you can search for this application on Google, because IMLS itself is widespread.
  • While downloading, you can go to settings > Applications > Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources
  • If you have, my friend can start installing the iMLS application.
  • Then you can run it games Mobile Legends. Then you can open the iMLS application. Well then my friend can go directly inside games the.
  • Select the “Play Now” button.
  • Finally, you can see all skin in Mobile Legend, my friend can check what skins can be used. Because on some heroes, skins not yet open, because Mobile Legend always updates it and also the iMLS application is still not the latest version.
  • Finished!

Risks of Using iMLS Mobie Legends

iMLS Mobile Legends Application
image by freepik

As explained in the previous article about the Cheat and Mod application, don’t expect it to be safe. The reason is if you use a modified application that is included in the illegal category.

So maybe you will get some problems such as the entry of viruses and malware on the device, the presence of Spy from hackers, the device becomes lag, and the worst part is the account that has been played for a long time and has been permanently banned by GG by Moonton.

For this reason, we do not recommend using this application, so all risks must be at your own risk.

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The final word

The iMLS Mobile Legends application article above is only intended to share information, we do not recommend you to download and use it.

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