Hypergryph Announces New Turn-Based RPG Game Titled Ex Astris

Hypergryph, the developer behind the game gacha Arknights successful in the market announced a new game with 3D graphics.

Ex Astris announced as the first ‘premium game’ from Hypergryph to feature a linear episodic storyline. The game is targeted for release on devices Android and iOS.

Through the trailer that has been officially released, players can move the character in a large area, as well as interact in an indoor environment games.

Ex Astris

As for the fighting mechanism, Ex Astris carry the genre turn-based with the addition of a button to hold or block the opponent’s attack.

While in the aspect of character development, players cancustom attack combos, with moves such as throwing enemies into the air, or attacks that give debuff.

Ex Astris

The combo list can be opened via resources in the game, which is likely to be the grinding aspect in the game, Ex Astris.

Synopsis and Details about Ex Astris

With a futuristic timeline, Ex Astris tells the story of an investigator from Earth with his traveling companions who explore various planets. Each chapter will tell different stories, as well as unlock the mysteries of what happened between the planets.

Ex Astris

So far, the two main characters appearing in the trailer are Vi3 and Yan. And a boss by the name of Stranger.

Official account Ex Astris states that the player can control three characters in one team. In the upcoming announcement, four new characters will be featured.

Some additional details posted by Twitter account Ex Astris related to the stage mechanism that will be carried in the game.

It is said that players not only explore the rooms in the building, but also the wider environment. In the future, the developer will also show more items, enemy types, as well as exploration and interactive elements in the world.

Other aspects that will also be developed are cooking, alchemy, and non-linear character development. Ex Astris is already planned for release in multiple languages, including English. The official website in English can be accessed here.

So far Ex Astris is still running the process prototyping. Some things may be changed, and the exact release time has not been announced either. Android and iOS will be the main release platforms for Ex Astris, but judging by the graphics, hopefully there will be an official port for PC!

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