Hoax News Related to Free Fire Game Will Collaborate with Hololive

Popularity Virtual Youtuber no need to ask anymore. The entertainment existence of Virtual Youtubers is very popular with the audience with a variety of interesting content from them. This popularity has attracted many parties to collaborate with Virtual Youtubers. Information appears that the game Free Fire will collaborate with the Virtual Youtuber agensi agency Hololive.

Is this information true? Come on, let’s find out together!

Games Free Fire Will Collaborate with Hololive?

This information comes from a Facebook social media page account called PinkPinkNews. Through this account, PinkPinkNews posted by mentioning that the game Free Fire will hold a collaboration event with the Virtual Youtuber Hololive agency. You can see for yourself post from PinkPinkNews regarding the collaboration below.

FreeFire Hololive


Posted by PinkPink News on Friday, 25 December 2021

The long wait is over!

Free Fire will collaborate with Hololive.

Get ready for new surprises.

Rumors that finally came true when Free Fire would collaborate with Hololive.

Fubuki and Korone’s special equipment will be present in this battle!!

In this event, Hololive will present their Vtuber character in the Free Fire game.

This is an amazing collaboration. And many more that have not been revealed.

Don’t miss the latest information.

This event will start on January 1, 2021!

Information Search Results

Free Fire Hololive

Knowing this, we also seek the truth and accuracy of the information. We tried to trace the information of this collaboration on Hololive’s official Twitter account JP.

So many tweets from Hololive, there is not a single information regarding collaboration Free Fire with Holly. Tweet from today (27/12) until last November, there is not the slightest mention of Hololive collaborating with the game on January 1, 2021. The same is true for Hololive’s official Twitter account EN, Hololive ID and others.

We also tried to browse through various Hololive fan groups on social media and forums like Reddit. No one has provided official information from Hololive regarding the collaboration. Even if there is, it’s just share news from PinkPinkNews.

It is certain that the news regarding this collaboration is not true alias HOAX. Most likely the news from PinkPinkNews is just a troll from them. However, it is possible that this game will hold a collaboration event with Hololive. Let’s just wait for that to happen one day.

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