Hideo Kojima Becomes Judge at Venice International Film Festival

An event that is included in the world’s top 5 film festivals, namely Venice International Film Festival (Venice Film International) the 77th will take place on 3-12 September 2021 located in Venice, Italy. Later there will be many names of judges who will attend the event. Among the judges, there is one person who is familiar to gamers, namely Hideo Kojima.

What was Hideo Kojima doing there? Come on, let’s find out together!

Hideo Kojima Becomes Judge at Venice International Film Festival

This information comes from the official website of the Venice International Film Festival event. On the site, the names of the judges who will attend the event are written. Including Hideo Kojima who is an important figure in the making of the game Death Stranding and serial Metal Gear Solid.

Hideo Kojima attended the event not only as a judge, but also as a jury member at the Venice International Film Festival. Kojima served as a judge in the field of Venice Virtual Reality in the event. You can see for yourself screenshots from official site Venice International Film Festival below.

Hideo Kojima Venice International Film Festival

Hideo Kojima (Japan), is a videogame writer who is renowned worldwide for pushing the boundaries of creativity in his field. Considered the father of the stealth game genre, action based videogames require player skills to avoid being detected by enemies. In 2021, Kojima founded the company Kojima Productions, with his motto From sapiens to ludens. In 2021 the company released its first game, Death Stranding, for the PlayStation® 4. Since its release, Death Stranding has won many game awards and achieved international acclaim.

Create a New Horror Game and Invite Junji Ito

Hideo Kojima Junji Ito

Talking about Hideo Kojima, it was heard that he invited a mangaka togenre horror, namely Junji Ito to create a new horror game. Confirming the news, Junji Ito gave a response regarding the actual facts.

In the Comic Con event which was conducted digitally, there was a special talk at the VIZ: A Haunting Conversation session with horror mangaka Junji Ito. There were many questions and answers given to Junji Ito. One of the interesting questions that occurred was, “Will Junji Ito cooperate with Kojima in making a new game?”.

For now there is none. But Hideo Kojima once invited me to work with him to make a horror game. Until now, there have been no further details from him,” answered Junji Ito.


Hideo Kojima Likes Made in Abyss

Hideo Kojima Made in Abyss

Despite having an incessantly busy schedule, Hideo Kojima made a tweets via his official Twitter account saying that he likes manga Made in Abyss.

At first I did not believe this news. After I checked the official account Twitter Hideo Kojima’s, it turns out that the news he watched anime with cute but depressed characters was true.

To find out more about Hideo Kojima likes Made in Abyss, you can read our article here.

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