Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

If you are looking for a strategy game for an Android phone, of course there are many choices of games ranging from MOBAs to even battle royals. Well this time we will recommend a game called Heroes Strike Offline and also provide information regarding the Mod APK of the game.

The Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK game is indeed popular and loved by many players, in the game players can play Moba 3v3 which means you will enter a team of three and will fight a team of three. What’s interesting is that this Heroes Strike game can be played offline without an internet network.

Because this game is a modified application, of course Heroes Strike Offline also gets additional features including Unlimited Money, Gems and other features which are certainly very interesting to play.

We will continue to try to provide updates and download files from the latest version of the Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK game so that you can get up-to-date features.

Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK Review

Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

Well before you play the game, we will review it first. It should be underlined that Heroes Strike Offline Mod is a game application that has been modified by a third-party developer, the original application was made by the developer. WolfFun which was later modified to provide new features such as unlimited money for free which would never have been available in the original version.

With the Unlimited Money Mod APK, of course you can get unlimited money so you can buy cool characters and heroes for free without having to wait a long time or even use real money.

But before using it, we will provide information regarding the latest version of Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk which can be downloaded for free along with the advantages and disadvantages as well as the dangers of using modified applications.

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Danger of Playing Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

There are many modified applications that offer that the application will be anti-banned, yes, although some promise this, you still have to be more careful when playing it. No one knows when the developer detected the presence of the modified application.

However, interestingly, if the Heroes Strike game is played offline, it is not connected to the internet, it can make account security more secure, because it is not detected and is anti-banned, it’s different if it is connected to the internet.

Playing Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK is indeed very tempting, because everything is instant and provides unlimited money so that the players can have all the heroes and get all the features easily. From this convenience, it becomes a way to attract players to use it even though we don’t know who modified the game.

For that we must remain vigilant to install modified game applications, because the person who modifies it may insert malicious code to be able to steal important data on the player’s device. Who knows?

But if you still insist on downloading and installing Heroes Strike Offline, of course we recommend using another device apart from the important data you have.

Download Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

This modified Heroes Strike Offline has a size of only 96 MB, of course this is very small because it is not up to 100 MB. Comes in version v.84 which was updated in March 2021. The features offered in this Mod APK are Unlimited Money, Coins, Gems and so on.

App Name Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk
Size 96 MB
Version v.84 (Latest Version)
Upload March 2021
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Coins , Gems ++

Of course using this Heroes Strike Mod APK offers Unlimited Money, Coins, Gems and other features that are not in the official version. Here are the details of the features that Mod APK users will get from the Heroes Strike game.

Unlimited Money

The most sought after feature of modified game application users is Unlimited money or unlimited money. Of course with this feature players can buy anything for free in the game including all heroes, skins and premium characters. With the mod application, you will get a lot of money, coins and gems and others for free and there are no limits.

No Ads

Playing a game suddenly an ad appears? Of course, it’s really annoying, isn’t it, now with the APK mod game, you won’t be bothered anymore by ads that suddenly appear in the game so you can focus more on the game, right?

Up-to-date characters and skins

There’s been a lot of money, gems and coins. Mod APK players also get the latest skins and characters uptodate for free or for free. Of course new skins and characters will add to the fun in the game.

Light Game Size

In addition to a variety of complete and free features, the most important thing is that the size of the game is small or light, because it only has a size under 100 MB and can be played on Android 4.0 or higher.

Now, from the advantages and features of this Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK, how are you interested in playing it? Of course you also have to read the dangers of using the modified application.

How to Download and Install Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

Now, after knowing the dangers and advantages of playing Heroes Strike Offline, of course, all decisions to play it are in your hands, yes. If you are afraid that important data is taken by an unknown person, it is better to play the original version of WolfFun which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

But if you are a true MOD APK game player, you can immediately follow how to download and install Heroes Strike Mod APK which we will explain below.

  • First, download the Heros Strike Offline mod APK version in the Download link provided above
  • Choose MOD APK, wait until the download process is complete
  • While waiting for us to activate it first “Unknown Source” so that applications from outside the PlayStore can be installed on the cellphone. How to open Settings>> Additional Settings >> Privacy >> Unknown Sources
  • Then step Install Heroes Strike Mod APK, go to File Manager and go to Download folder.
  • Then find the APK file that has been downloaded and click to do the installation.
  • Wait until the process is complete and immediately play the game.

The final word

And that is an explanation regarding the Heroes Strike Offline game and also its Mod APK version. We do not recommend playing the modified version because it is related to data security, but if you are really curious, please use a different cellphone from the cellphone that stores important data in it.

Safe Tips: Make sure you also use a shadow account, not an important account to play the modified game.

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