Happening Again! A Wallpaper Can Damage a Xiaomi Phone!

After a few months ago netizens was shocked by the image which, when set to wallpapers can make phone instantly blank. Now another image appears wallpapers which can cause similar occurrences for mobile phones Xiaomi.

Images That Can Damage Your Phone Xiaomi

Xiaomi Phone Wallpaper
Kohaku wallpaper that is claimed to be able to make Xiaomi phones blank when set as wallpaper

As reported by Facebook Fan Page Free Encyclopedia ID which says that there is an animated image of a cat can damage the phone Xiaomi. The image is named Kohaku and is from the anime Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.

After some time ago it was crowded with beautiful scenery wallpapers but could damage some smartphone brands,…

Posted by Free Encyclopedia ID on Tuesday, July 14, 2021

If previously happened on mobile Samsung, now a similar case occurs on mobile phones Xiaomi. When the image is set as wallpapers, then mobile Xiaomi momentarily blank. Then how to fix it after already blank?

Same as wallpapers which viral last June, that is, by factory reset or delete all data on the phone. Then in settings back to “factory settings”. So far it is not known for sure what causes the image so that it can make a cellphone Xiaomi Becomes blanks.

There is also speculation that there is some kind of script embedded in the imageformat PNGs. This is done so that when set as wallpapers, then the phone will automatically blank. For now, a similar case has only been found on mobile Xiaomi just. But when I try to use another phone, wallpapers it doesn’t affect the phone.

Because after the news was uploaded, not a few netizens in the comments column idly trying to use the image to be set as wallpapers, and the result is a cellphone other than Xiaomi still working as usual.

“Samsung Prime j2 is safe,” commented Bayu Ramdan in the post.

Images That When Set As Wallpapers Can Damage Phone Samsung

wallpaper damage android phone

At the beginning of June 2021, the pictures of the landscape with the nuances of the mountains, and the forest surrounding the lake looked beautiful and nothing out of the ordinary. However when the image is set as wallpapers on mobile Android, the phone instantly became damaged.

It starts when the account Twitter @UniverseIce uploaded the image with caption to never set the image as wallpapers cell phones, especially cell phones Samsung.

Explanation Behind Wallpapers “Cursed”

But don’t worry, there is no “mystical” element in this incident, because there is a logical reason why the image can damage the cellphone if set as wallpapers.

It turns out that the main cause of the phenomenon is inability System UI on cell phones inhandle an image that uses a color other than RGB. Thus resulting in crash on ImageProcessHelper class when the image is set as wallpapers.

This means that the image may contain colors that are not available in RGB. So make the phone instantly crash when set as wallpapers.

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