Great! D4DJ Series Announces Lots of Important Information

Series D4DJ (Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ) has announced many important things through special broadcast on the official YouTube channel today (9/23). What are the announcements regarding the latest multimedia project from Bushiroad with the theme of the DJ world (Disc Jockey) this?

Anime D4DJ Airing October 30, 2021

Anime D4DJ First Mix will premiere on October 30, 2021. It shows the video clip for the anime’s opening theme (OP), Teacher Teacher DJ TURN!! Presented by the Happy Around! unit.

It has been confirmed that various channels around the world will be broadcasting the anime D4DJ, so the anime will get 3 kinds of language for dub and 15 kinds of languages ​​for subtitles. Fans in Southeast Asia (also possibly including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) can legally watch the anime via the Ani-One YouTube channel and the Aniplus cable TV channel!

Announce Seiyuu for Supporting Characters and Two Additional Units

Series D4DJ got two new units that will debut in the anime: Scarlet Canary and LynxEyes. A full visual for the character will follow.

Scarlet Canary consists of Amano Airi (Mizuki Nana) and Kase Mana (Komiya Arisa). While LynxEyes consists of Himegami Shano (Raychell) and Umemura Hinako (Takao Touka).

Previously, Lyrical Lily is the newest unit announced by D4DJ. The members of the unit consist of Sakurada Miyu, Kasuga Haruna, Shiratori Kurumi, and Takeshita Miiko.

The list of voice actors (seiyuu) for anime supporting characters. All of the supporting characters are men.

  • Kofune Ryuujin (Furuya Tooru)
  • Mitsuhoshi Koi (DAIGO)
  • Inuyose Dennojou (Takenaka Naoto)
  • Kaibara Haruki (Yoshida Hisanori)

Special Radio Broadcast with Unit D4DJ

There will be a special radio broadcast with the six units D4DJ. Each radio station in the selected region of Japan will get a different unit.

Here is a list of units D4DJ along with participating radio stations.

  • Happy Around! (
  • Peaky P-Key (TBS Radio)
  • Photon Maiden (bayfm)
  • Merm4id (NACK5)
  • Rondo (Fm Yokohama)
  • Lyrical Lily (Nippon Housou)

Mobile Games D4DJ Groovy Mix Release October 25, 2021

Mobile game D4DJ Groovy Mix coming to Japan on October 25, 2021. Preview video of the second version for games along with the theme song (theme song) LOVE! HUGS! GROOVY!.

D4DJ Groovy Mix there will be two original songs from WACCA arcade rhythm game, Let you DIVE! and Knight Rider.

Collaboration Together Touhou Project

One thing to look forward to is a special collaboration D4DJ together Touhou Project! Rearrangement (remix) music from Touhou games better known as Touhou Arrange will get special arrangements for D4DJ from various well-known creators.

Here are the titles Touhou Arrange who gets remix from D4DJ:

  • UN Owen wa Kanojo Nano Ka? (UN Owen Was Her), rearrangement by USAO
  • Yuuka ni Sakase, Sumizone no Sakura ~Border of Life~, rearrangement by REDALiCE
  • Koiiro Master Spark (Love-colored Master Spark), rearrangement by DJ Genki
  • Shanghai Kouchakan ~ Chinese Tea (Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea), arearrangement by siromaru

Many more Touhou Arrange who will get remix for D4DJ. We’ll just have to wait for the next announcement.

D4DJ Series Announces Song Cover Addition

Remember games D4DJ are under one developer (developer) which is the same as Tokyo 7 gamesth Sisters (Nanasis), the Happy Around unit willcover song HAJIMARIUTA-!!.

D4DJ will also make a version cover of the following songs that can be played on D4DJ Groovy Mix. For units that do so will be announced at a later date.

  • Climax Jump
  • Mezase Pokemon Master
  • An’un Uzamuku Namek Hoshi

Collaboration with Hololive!?

In addition to collaboration together Touhou Project and Tokyo 7th Sisters, group Virtual Youtuber (Vtuber) Hololive will collaborate together D4DJ Groovy Mix! What kind of collaboration will be brought with the group Vtuber most popular right now? Look forward to the next announcement!

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