Google Lens Will Bring "Education" mode and add offline translation support – Google Lens, an image recognition product from Google, is known to be adding their newest feature, an offline language translator. This was revealed by XDA Developers on Monday (30/03/2021) who was aware of a new coding string in Google App

For information Google Lens is Google’s image recognition service that will provide information from Google searches based on whatever the user captures on the smartphone camera.

XDA Developers said in version of the Google App, the app that contains the Lens service, they discovered that Google is working on a new service called: Education mode. They also say that Google is preparing to let you use Lens Translate mode while offline.

Furthermore, the new String in the Google App reveals that users will be able to download languages ​​so that users can translate text using the lens without having to be connected to the internet. Unfortunately it is not known which languages ​​will support this feature, but it is said that there is a possibility that languages ​​that already support the Google Lens service will be available for download.

In addition, XDA also discovered a new “educational” mode, which essentially aims to provide information to show assistance in education, for example to find solutions to math problems. Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether this mode is able to solve complex math problems or not.

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You can get this latest Google Lens by downloading the latest version of the Google Apps service. Because the Lens application on the Play Store is just a smart way to launch the rest of the services you have to update Google App.s

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