Getting to Know the Types of Sub Machine Gun FF Auto Booyah Senjata

To get booyah in the Free Fire game, you are required to have adequate battle skills and get support from items that will further strengthen your abilities in battle. One of them is the type of weapon used. By using the right weapons, gamers will find it easier to dominate the battle.

Of the many types of weapons in Free Fire, the FF sub machine gun is the right choice. When my friend plunges into battle armed with this type of weapon combined with the best fighting skills, of course my friend can take down the enemy easily.

3 Types of Sub Machine Gun Weapons To Dominate The Battle


The MP40 is one of the most suitable FF sub machine guns for use in close combat after the M1014 Shotgun. It’s just that sometimes you have difficulty finding the M1014 Shotgun when loading. The solution is to just use MP40. By using this weapon, you only need 1-2 headshots to take down your opponent.

Disadvantages of MP40:

  • The magazine it has is relatively small because it can only accommodate 20 ammo. The solution, my friend, can add a magazine attachment.
  • It can only be fitted with an attachment magazine, nothing else.

MP40 advantages:

  • Scattered in various areas on maps, so you can easily find them when looting.
  • Very effective in close combat.

Based on the advantages and disadvantages above, using MP40 in close combat is the right choice.


Besides the MP40, another best FF sub machine gun that you can also use to dominate mid-range battles is the P90. The firing speed of this weapon is very high, with a large level of damage.

Disadvantages of P90:

  • The rate of fire of this weapon is still lower than the MP40, so it is more suitable when used in medium-range combat when compared to close-range combat.

Pros of P90:

  • The ammo clip he has is quite large, namely 50 ammo.
  • Can add scope & magazine attachments.

Based on the advantages and disadvantages above, the P90 is the best weapon option in medium-range combat only.

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UMP is the easiest submachine gun to get at any location when looting. The stability possessed by this weapon has been recognized for use in close and medium range combat. However, this weapon is more suitable for beginners, because there are actually weapons that are much better than this, but difficult for beginners to use.

Disadvantages of UMP:

  • Ammo reload speed is quite high.
  • The damage level is level ‘B’, so it’s most likely that your friend will be killed by another player because you’ve been waiting for UMP to finish reloading.

UMP advantages:

  • Easy to add with various types of attachments, especially scopes.

Based on the advantages and disadvantages of this weapon, the UMP is one of the sub machine guns that are suitable for you to use, but not the best choice. If when looting you can find a better weapon, then you don’t have to take the UMP. But if you can’t find anything else, then this weapon is an alternative that won’t disappoint.

That’s the information about the types of FF sub machine guns that you can use in close and medium range combat. The combination of adequate skills and the right weapons, dominating and grabbing booyah is not impossible.

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