Getting Stronger, Bronya Reckless in Honkai Impact Update 3.3

On Friday, July 12, 2021 afternoon, account Ai-chan from Honkai Impact 3 through BiliBili held a livestream to announce the latest update of Honkai Impact 3 version 3.3. In addition, there are also several announcements about events both online and offline. This livestream is also a sign that an update will be made for the main server, namely China. Fast Southeast Asia server updates make the difference between China and Southeast Asia server updates only approximately 2 months. Come on, see what is discussed in this Livestream!

New Valkyrie in Honkai Impact Update 3.3

  • Scorpio Rangers
    In the main story chapter IX, Kiana who turned into Herscherr of Void (HoV) was saved by late. Himeko. In this version 3.3, it looks like Kiana has started to master some of Herscher of Void’s powers. Kiana’s appearance is even cooler with her eyes that are now heterochromia, aka two colors. Valkyrie Scorpio Ranger is the Augmented Core of the Valkyrie Ranger. So, prepare your Valkyrie Ranger. Here’s what the Scorpio Ranger valkyrie looks like.
  • Herscherr of Reason
    In the main story that was just updated yesterday, Bronya managed to get new powers to save his sister, Seele, and become the Herscherr of Reason. It is said that with his new power, Bronya can make anything as long as he knows how to make it. The Bunny Type 19C is modified in such a way that it can transform into a motorcycle. Here’s a look at Bronya, Herscherr of Reason.

Summer Events

Summer is incomplete without it bikini & swimsuit vacation to the beach. In this summer’s event, special stages and new challenges with various attractive prizes have been prepared. You can get stigmata and special costumes from some tempting vakyries. The following is a teaser of the event that will be held in the game here.

Yae Sakura’s Birthday Celebration

This time, miHoYo held an offline event to celebrate the birthday of one of the Honkai Impact 3 characters, Yae Sakura. This event was held at (Greenland Being Funny), Shanghai, China on July 20 to 22, 2021. This event showcases Japanese-style shrine decorations such as Yae Sakura’s residence, a replica of Jizomitama’s sword, birthday cake to a 1:1 figure of Yae Sakura. Visitors also have the opportunity to get interesting merchandise during the event. Following details the event.


Some valkyries and weapon effects will get changes, such as damage, cost, cooldown skills, and others.

Actually there is much more discussed in the livestream. You can watch the Honkai Impact Update 3.3 livestream on here. Don’t forget to prepare crystals and money to pick up your dream valkyrie and equipment owo)/

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