Get Ready, Genshin Impact Released on Playstation 4 in Fall 2021!

Genshin Impact, the latest Open World ARPG game from developer Global Interactive Entertainment and publisher miHoYo, announced a release date on August 7, 2021. What are the promised features and fun in this game, huh? Let’s see the article below!

What’s that Genshin Impact?

preview genshin impact

Genshin Impact is a game Open World Action RPG, which tells the story of adventure in the land of Teyvat, a vast fantasy world. Game based Open World it allows players to explore and interact with the world freely.

This game is also equipped with dozens of varied characters, challenging element-based combat, and filled with interesting stories. Here, players will take on the role of “Traveler”, a mysterious traveler who travels in search of his brother who has been missing for years. Who would have thought, that’s when the mystery hidden in Teyvat was slowly revealed.

Trailer Genshin Impact Show Different Areas in Teyvat

The latest State of Play video has previewed trailers Genshin Impact, featuring 2 of the 7 major cities in the world of Teyvat. With over 12 playable characters, each character has its own elemental power and unique fighting style.

Northeast of Teyvat stands the peaceful and free city of Mondstadt. In this city there are many characters with great powers who can be recruited as adventure companions. And in the south, there is Liyue Harbor, the largest trading city in Teyvat, combining elements of oriental culture with stunning natural scenery, this city is as beautiful as a painting.

Players can uncover various interesting stories of the characters in this city to unlock new storylines. With a wide choice of characters, players can also create party with friends. Players must master dynamic fighting techniques in order to collectively defeat legendary enemies in various areas of Teyvat, such as Lupus Boreas and Dominator of Wolves.

Genshin Impact Preparing to Release on PlayStation®4

Genshin Impact screenshots
(Source: Genshin Impact – Press Release)

Genshin Impact has been confirmed to be released in the fall of 2021 on the platform PlayStation®4. In addition, Genshin Impact will also be present on PC and mobile phones in the same year.

“We are excited because today’s State of Play session we were able to share the news about the launch Genshin Impact in the fall of this year to all PlayStation®4 fans.” said Forrest Liu, President of miHoYo.

“Thank you very much for the hard work and dedication of the whole team and also the support from SIE as our partner. We are finally able to introduce the results of our team’s efforts over the last three and a half years. Now we can’t wait to take our players on their own adventure in the world we created.”

About miHoYo Publisher

“Tech Otakus Save the World!” miHoYo was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Shanghai. miHoYo has a vision to become an industry leader as a maker and publisher of entertainment media such as games, manga, novels, and other fields. miHoYo has always maintained its main vision to always create works of the highest quality, and miHoYo strives to realize his dream, which is to build a community that never dies.

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