Get Diamonds from Google FF for Free, Really? Get the Info!

The keyword ‘get diamonds from google FF for free’ entered Google Trends today. These keywords indicate an opportunity to get free Free Fire diamonds from Google. Is that right? Get the answer in this article.

Free diamonds are indeed the target of every gamer. How not, to get diamonds legally, gamers usually have to top up diamonds or take part in certain events. Even though there are currently cheap FF top up places, wouldn’t it be better if you could get them for free?

Free FF Diamond Phenomenon

get diamonds from google FF for free

Before we discuss further about whether or not the issue that says there is an opportunity to get diamonds from google FF for free, I will first mention a little about the phenomenon of how to get free FF that is popping up a lot nowadays.

You need to know that to get free Free Fire diamonds, there are two ways that FF gamers often do. The two ways are the legal way and the illegal way. Of course the method referred to here does not include if you are given free diamonds by other people.

To legally get free FF diamonds, my friend can top up diamonds. This is the fastest and easiest way to get FF diamonds. By top up, you can get as many diamonds as you want. Of course, as long as you have the financial capacity for it.

The reason is, the price of diamond packages is quite large, even though you do top up in places that are considered cheap. If you are classified as a sultan, of course it is not a problem even if you top up Free Fire diamonds as much as anything.

In addition to top up diamonds, you can also get them by participating in certain events. Usually Garena will hold certain events that provide prizes in the form of FF diamonds in large quantities if gamers are able to complete certain missions given by Garena.

Top up diamonds and participating in Garena events are two legal ways to get FF diamonds. Apart from these two methods, generally the existing methods are illegal.

As you all know, on the internet there is a lot of information on how to get large amounts of FF diamonds by using the MOD APK or registering on unofficial sites. Of course this phenomenon is not healthy, because the use of MOD APK is an illegal way that harms other parties, especially Garena Free Fire. On the other hand, sites that are not clear but offer large amounts of FF diamonds just by signing up, it is very likely that the site is a scam and even a phishing site that can harm your FF account.

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Can You Really Get Free FF Diamonds from Google?

Back to the discussion about the opportunity to get diamonds from google FF for free, is that true? The answers are ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It says ‘no’, because Google does not have certain features or offers that allow users to get FF diamonds for free.

It says ‘yes’ because indeed, gamers friends can use Google services to get diamonds without having to spend the contents of your wallet for it.

So how do you get it? The answer is by utilizing the application Google Opinion Rewards. After downloading and installing the application on your smartphone, all you have to do is take a survey conducted by Google Opinion. After doing the survey, you will get a prize.

The prize that you will get is certainly not a FF diamond, but a gift card. Well, later that gift card you can use to buy Free Fire diamonds. In this way, my friend can get diamonds for free.

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