Genshin Impact, MiHoYo's New Adventure Game!

After the success of several android games such as Gun Girls School DayZ and Honkai Impact 3, MiHoYo will be releasing soon waifu a new game called Genshin Impact. On this 7th June 2021, Facebook account The official Genshin Impact has just announced the opening of registration for the closed-beta. For closed-beta registration, you can access the official page here. Original Test will open on June 21, 2021. Meanwhile, this game will be officially released in Spring 2021.

Genshin Impact Game Platform & Specifications

According to a Facebook account named John Krisma Wijaya who is a slave loyal MiHoYo fans for years, this game can be played on iOS, Android and PC, and followed by PS4. But for now, only iOS and PC can be accessed, while the server for Android is in trouble.

As for some rumors about the minimum specifications to run this game as described by the fanpage Honkai Impact 3 3』. According to the fanpage, the minimum specifications for a PC are 8GB RAM, i5 CPU, GTX750 GPU, and 10GB storage space.

Here are some teaser images of the game:


This game has actually been announced since last December 2021. Every month, the official Genshin Impact page uploads each section’s manghua in English. This manghua tells about the background story of this game. Currently, 7 chapters have been published plus a prologue. To read it, you can access it here.

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